Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reuters/Ipsos Exit Polling Results

This graphic just out from Reuters three hours ago. It shows some striking things:

Mitt Romney ran hard on the issue of the economy, and that issue shows up as the most important issue in determining the voter's choice.  Minorities went overwhelming for Obama/Biden.  It appears they had greater faith in Obama to bring about "needed change." Did they fail to observe the failure of that during the last four years?

The economy must have been the deciding issue for the demographic groups that voted for Romney/Ryan, the white males, but females and minorities had the other issues to consider in their vote. This seems somewhat counter intuitive, because of the amount of women in the workforce providing a first or second income. Their families should be of great concern, yet, jobs, healthcare, social issues, deficit, taxes, education, and energy are much lower on the scale of priorities.

Since Romney/Ryan campaigned on jobs and the economy, they hit the mark, yet did not inspire enough voters in the other demographic groups to join in on those issues, nor did voters have faith in them to bring about needed change. Yet, Romney was an accomplished successful businessman. So, underlying this all, what was the 'factor' that flipped voters to Obama/Biden? That's the question we need to answer.

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BOSMAN said...

When it all comes out, Obamma received 7% more Hispanic votes this time than last time.

I'll bet, that if you look at FL. CO, NV, not sure about Hispanic pop in VA & Ohio, you'll find that 7% of the Hispanic votes in each of those states, pushed Obuma over the top.

It seems they're more concerned about increasing their numbers (even through illegal immigration) than getting the economy back on track.

Machtyn said...

The women voted with their lady parts. The hispanics voted on the lie that Democrats actually care. Obama appears to have received a significant bounce for a photo-op with Christie... or it may not have mattered as people didn't trust either of them and wanted more of the same.

Of course, the above diatribe is just my opinion. And not even a strong opinion at that.

Anonymous said...

Reagan made a mistake when he granted amnesty. Many of those who received amnesty became Democrats and voted for Clinton(, or the beginning of the end as I call him). They became Democrats because most of them were brought up in a socialist government. Then the waves of illegals came in the 90's, who came in anticipation of another amnesty--they or they're children to vote 90% Democrat.

The other thing is Americans see other ethnicities and races and welcome them as Americans, but this is a rare thing in the world. In other places, no matter if you become naturalized, you're still a foreigner. And for the most part people who come here illegally, and some legally, see themselves as the ethnicity, race, or nationality where they're from, not as Americans.

There really isn't any allegiance to this country, only to get what's in the best interest. After all, they could always go back to their real "home" if they wanted to. And also, they've come to see white people or Americans as the oppressor, taught by wherever country they came from and the Republican party is associated with this.

Muslims who immigrate are an example. They're Muslims first and everything else, like being American, a distant second.

Minorities who immigrate, I think, cannot be courted into the Republican party because they have their own preexisting biases.

You can see that with black people, too. It's okay if they vote for Obama because he's black. It's suppose to be understandable. But white people are expected to be objective when voting--even vote for a black on purpose so as to not have the slightest hint of racism.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I wonder what makes you say that minorities failed to observe the "failure" of President Obama to bring about needed change ??
The world has observed and knows that He did the best he could under the given circumstances - and would have done a lot more if it had not been for the Republican agenda to "see Him fail" and be a one term president and stymie almost everything he proposed.
If the Republicans don't wisen up they are destined to remain a losing party for very many years to come.