Sunday, November 25, 2012

Raytheon working on the 'Stunner' missile defense system for Israel to complement their 'Iron Dome'

Israel’s ability to shoot down hundreds of rockets fired by Hamas militants this past week has been hailed as a breakthrough in missile defense. But, military analysts warn, the real challenge is only beginning. 
Unlike the homemade, rudimentary rockets used by Hamas, thousands of sophisticated missiles with greater ranges and payloads are being stockpiled in Lebanon by Hezbollah, another militant group. Israel’s leaders, who consider these weapons and longer-range missiles from Iran potential threats, have turned to engineers from Waltham-based Raytheon Co. to help develop the next-generation interceptor missile. 
A critical test of the system, called the Stunner, is set for Israel’s Negev Desert in coming days.
Unlike the 'Iron dome', the 'Stunner' has more options and will be able to target larger and faster missiles:
The technology “is designed to defeat a variety of short-range ballistic missiles, large caliber rockets and cruise missiles,” according to Raytheon. 
One major difference, according to experts, is that the new interceptor missile should be able to be redirected in mid-flight, to account for changes in the trajectory of the incoming weapon. Under the Iron Dome system, once the operator fires the interceptor missile, its course cannot be modified.
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Anonymous said...

If someone understands Russia and how they hate Israel, I'd like to understand it. Please tell me, it isn't making any sense. Putin even warned the U.S. that muslims don't play well with their neighbors. I really don't understand how they are so connected. I suspect Russia likes to take their money. Seems very short sighted.