Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Live feeds ALL DAY to the 2012 Presidential Election Coverage

THIS IS IT!  It will be all over tonight. I've been Waiting over 4 years for REAL CHANGE that a Mitt Romney Presidency would bring and it all comes down to tonight.

I have pop-up feeds posted below for any on going coverage. Some are only active at certain times of the day.

My guess is that the Fox News, CNN, and CSpan links will be your best bet throughout this event.
About the feeds: 
1. DO NOT download any software or plugins from any of the feeds below. 
2. Let the ads run their course and the video feed should start on it's own. You may need to wait an additional 15-20 seconds with a blank screen for the feed to buffer. 
3. If or when pop-up ads occur, simply click the small "x" in the upper right hand corner of the ad to close it. 
4. If the feed seems slow, it's probably your internet connection. try a different feed. If you get the same results, it is. 
5. You may also need to scroll down and/or over to view and center some of the feeds for viewing.
If I am able to find any live embeddable feeds to coverage of the elections, I'll post them below as well. ENJOY!

Fox News:

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Anonymous said...

somebody ban the troll Romneyman, he seems to be orgasming over Obama

newark hawk said...

@ Anonymous

I agree - Romneyman is a classic troll who contributes absolutely nothing to this site.

He was barely tolerable before the election results came in - now, after Obama's re-election, he is pure poison.

His relentless gloating over the election results and constant "I told you so's" serve no purpose other than to drive visitors away from this site in droves.

If Right Speak has any intention whatsoever of maintaining its visitor count, much less expanding it, it would be well-advised to ban Romneyman A.S.A.P.