Friday, November 9, 2012

Governor Christie speaks out after the Presidential election

I want to start off by stating, I've been a big fan of Chris Christie. I love his boldness and his tell it like it is attitude. 

Saying all that, What he did by allowing Obama to come visit HIM during The Hurricane Sandy crisis demonstrates a FATAL FLAW in judgment,

If cameras clicking away during his tour of the area with the President didn't send up a 'wait-a-minute' moment on his part, I have to wonder AGAIN about his judgment.

Then there were the press conferences. one...after....another. He'd give updates, the press would always sneak in a question about President Obama. AGAIN, a street smart individual would have caught on after the first 2 or 3 times....Oh yeh, he gave me his direst line...if I need anything, I can call him direct...blah,,,blah...blah. You're getting the picture.

Now Mayor Bloomberg also had a crisis, Obama wanted some photo-ops with him as well. Bloomberg....thanks, but no thanks.

I think I'll just play this video now, because as I type, I'm beginning to get a headache:

BONUS VIDEO: (These types of interviews were necessary..huh Chris?)

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Anonymous said...

I liked him too. I will no longer support someone who is untrustworthy.

Anonymous said...

I think he did what he thought was best. Like he said, he's honest. But I also think he was hypersensitive to appearing partisan during a crisis. Even though Bloomberg declined President Obama's offer (he declined a lot of things, including help from the National Guard, which was stupid), if Christie had declined, the story would have been that he was shilling for Romney and playing partisan politics during a crisis. This would have been connected to Romney and ended up hurting him, too.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. That's the way the liberal media plays. Maybe there was a middle ground for Christie where he could have thanked President Obama civilly and avoided the full-on embrace imagery. But I think during a crisis, you don't necessarily have time or awareness to fine tune a political image... especially when you're a man accustomed to blurting out what you think in its entirety.


Anonymous said...

Christie wants to run in 2016 for president so he had to get rid of Mitt. So he and Obama used each other for the same end.

Anonymous said...

Christie was looking out for himself. Only need to look as far back as his speech during the Republican national convention. There are really no excuses for him going out of his way to make Obama look good.

Maybe, Christie, thought this bipartisan photo op would help his image and eventually ensure his reelection, so he could eventually run for president.

A very sketchy and untrustworthy guy.

Anonymous said...

He blew any chance of ever be the Republican nominee for President.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me that Chris Christie becomes the next Arlen Specter. A man who will say or do anything to get re-elected or advance his career. His actions with Obama went way beyond normal bi-partisanship during a crisis. The last sentence of the second video reveals his true thoughts. Perhaps he holds resentment for not being the GOP 2012 nominee. It sure seems that way.

JRterrier5 said...

I don't think it reflects a flaw in judgment. He knew what he was doing. The question is why he did it? Is he afraid of a Corey Booker challenge & is hoping Obama will remember that Booker didn't go along with the blame-Bain game but will be repay Christie helping-hand? Is he setting himself up to run in 2016 as a can work across the aisle fiscal conservative/social liberal republican?

Anonymous said...

Christie knew what he was doing and if he wants to run for president,he should run as a Democrat. Besides,the GOP needs to select a young articulate Marco Rubio that can articulate the GOP message. I would also go for a Bobby Jindahl over Fatboy. I think a Rubio/Jindahl ticket would be a fine choice for 2016.

Anonymous said...

Christie sucked the kool-aid before he praised that one.

They got what they wanted out of Christy. Now Christy will be left high and dry from both parties.

They wont have anything to do with him and neither will those who got him elected.


Anonymous said...


you just hit the nail on the head!

Christy wont be re-elected. He had a party that backed him. The other never did. He was stupid enough to fall for it and they are now laughing at him.

The party that backed him, will not forget.

Go be a life-guard Christy! So you can tell them the get the hell off the beach!

Ohio JOE said...

There are loose cannons and then there are exploding loose cannons. There is nothing wrong with saying what you feel sometimes and there is nothing wrong with promoting capitalism in a loud way. My great governor does that. However, my great governor is a team player despite the fact that not everybody wants to play with him. My Governor also knows when to shut up. I never did like Mr. Christie and I always knew he was selfish. He is partly to blame in making the Tampa Convention the worst convention in GOP history. I wish I were wrong, but it is what it is.