Monday, November 12, 2012

An army of Obama Twitterettes target Applebee's

It seems their upset because Apllebee's franchise owner  Zane Tankel is a good businessman. He told Fox Business News in an interview that Obamacare may force him to halt expansion on his 40 franchises because of $80,000-$100,000 in penalties per-restaurant

In response these fools who obviously have way to much time on their hands, decided to declare war on him by asking their Twitter friends to boycott his franchises.

My question is this. How successful could their boycott be? I don't think Applebee's accepts food stamps.

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Ohio JOE said...

I ordered dinner at Applees last night. It may be one of the last times because of Mr. Obama destroying this great restaurant.

Tony said...

I had never been to this restaurant. I took my wife and kids there tonight. Great food and very reasonable. We'll be back there I'm sure.

leighrow said...

Applebee's "car side to go" is a great service if you are in a rush between meetings. The oriental chicken salad is great.

Obamabots are stupid fools. So they are going to boycott a restaurant because the owner wants to turn a Profit. Don't they realize that the restaurant will go under if there is a successful boycott and everyone will lose their jobs??