Sunday, October 21, 2012

PPP Polling: Obama leading by 1 in OHIO

Head-to-Head: (Previous results from October 1)

Barack Obama 49% (49%)
Mitt Romney 48% (45%)

With Men:

Mitt Romney 57% (43%)
Barack Obama 41% (50%)

With Women:

Barack Obama 55% (48%)
Mitt Romney 41% (46%)

With Independents:

Mitt Romney 49% (42%)
Barack Obama 42% (41%)

The Poll's Demographics: [The actual breakdown of the state by party)

Democrat 42% [36%]
Republican 34% [37%]
Independent 23% [27%]
Survey of 532 likely Ohio voters was conducted October 18-20, 2012. The MOE is +/-4.3%.
The crosstabs can be viewed HERE.

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newark hawk said...

So Obama leads by 1% in PPP's Ohio poll where Dems are oversampled by 9%.

Unskew the poll, then Romney leads by 8%.

No wonder Romney & Ryan sound so confident these days, and Obama & Biden sound so desperate.

Ohio JOE said...

I do not think it is quite an 8 point lead with this poll, but it is over 4 points for Mr. Romney. GOP internal polling give Mr. Romney a 3 to 4 point lead in Ohio.