Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Obama is so concerned about potential disasters...that he's proposed slashing funds for FEMA, Disaster Relief

Obama's proposed cuts to FEMA include the following:

  • Flood Hazard Mapping and Risk Analysis Program - $8 million
  • State and Local Emergency Programs (non-defense) - $183 million
  • State and Local Emergency Programs (defense) - $5 million
  • United States Fire Administration and Training - $4 million
  • Salaries and Expenses (non-defense) - $75 million
  • Salaries and Expenses (defense) - $7 million
  • Disaster Relief - $580 million
  • Emergency Food and Shelter - $10 million
  • Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program - $3 million
  • National Pre-disaster Mitigation Fund - $3 million

The full story is HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Just sent in my mail in ballot! It felt GREAT to vote for Mitt Romney for President of the United States! I have been watching him since 2002, so I am delighted to vote for him. I'm thrilled with his VP pick, Paul Ryan, and happy to support Jeff Flake for the Senate. I am so happy, I just had to share a little with my friends here.


Machtyn said...

I LIKE it, AZ!