Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mitt Romney w/Dennis Miller at Campaign Rally in Leesburg, VA (Full Video 10-17-12)

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Anonymous said...

Dennis Miller is so funny and intertaining..Thanks for posting this video.

Noelle said...

I like how Dennis Miller refers to Mitt Romney as a "cat." If that doesn't make him cool, I don't know what will.

Mitt Romney, the cool cat.

newark hawk said...

I still can't figure out why Romney, in Tuesday's debate, didn't hammer Obama on Spokesman Jay Carney's and UN Ambassador Susan Rice's repeated false claims that the Benghazi murders were the result of a spontaneous riot caused by a You Tube video.

That was Romney's strongest line of attack, not Obama's Rose Garden speech on September 12th and not Obama's fundraising trip to Las Vegas that same day.

Perhaps Romney needs to reconsider which foreign policy advisers he relies upon. He can do far better than John Bolton, IMHO.

In next week's debate on foreign policy, Romney needs to be far more aggressive and far more on point if he hopes to continue his recent surge in the polls.

I suspect that he will be, since he usually comes through in the clutch.

Machtyn said...

newark hawk: I can understand your frustration. Every Romney supporter was feeling the same way.

Simply, he was thrown off his game a little bit. He will be ready for Monday's foreign policy debate. And, I hope he has some secret attack lines, too. There are plenty.

We know the obvious ones, Libya, Syria-Turkey, "I'll be more flexible" with Russia, Mexico along with F&F. China will be a much discussed topic. But there are other problems. Our friends don't trust us, our enemies laugh at us. There are other situations (NK test launching missiles into SK territories. Muslim extremist movement into Western territories and culture.)

Even though Israel is a hot button topic, I have a feeling it won't be discussed at length as we might want, other than to be the side-topic to Iran.

newark hawk said...

@ Machtyn

Good points, I agree.

Fast & Furious is a real opportunity for Romney to make inroads among Latino voters; Obama giving Netanyahu the cold shoulder is an opportunity to make inroads among Jewish voters; the trade gap with China is an opportunity to make inroads among voters who work(or formerly worked) in the manufacturing sector.

But most importantly, Romney should focus on Obama's 60% expansion of the national debt and how that greatly weakens our national security.

As for the Osama Bin Laden raid, Romney should say, as he has before, that "any thinking American would have made that decision", and then quickly assign 99% of the credit to the brave Navy Seals who put their lives on the line during that operation. Romney should also sharply rebuke Obama for POLITICIZING OBL's takedown..

I'm confident Romney will be ready to take-it-to Obama on Monday night, because this debate could very well be decisive.

MrX said...

WOW! Romney is WAY more relaxed and optimistic. Funny what a couple debates can do. Most of his speech is talking with the people there. He's really comfortable up there.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Romney was a little slow on the uptake there. My husband believes that Romney was so stunned by Obama's lie that he didn't respond to it as quickly as he might have.

I read an article written by a lawyer who explained that Romney was framing a case against Obama. She understood other people's frustration with it, but she pointed out Romney's line of attack and explained its validity. We often forget that Romney is still a product of Harvard Law School, as well as of its business one.

I heard Romney start into the Susan Rice statements. He got cut off cold by Candy Crowley. Surprise, surprise! I heard him start into the next line of attack, so I give him credit for picking up the pieces and carrying on.