Thursday, October 11, 2012

LIVE FEEDS Today to 2012 Presidential Candidates EVENTS (October 11, 2012)

Below is a schedule of the candidates activities for today. More than likely, one or more of the feeds below will cover the event(s), although, that is not always the case.

So look at the schedule below and CHECK BACK at that time of the event you'd like to view. Then click the different feed button(s) under the schedule and HOPEFULLY you will be able to view the event(s)(subject to the news media covering it).

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NOTE: I will update this schedule by 10 AM EST if there are any changes or additions.


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Caos Sinclair said...

I have not voted since Allan keys, I voted for Grandpa Bush, that is it< I am an independent, and now I want jobs for our Americans,cut and smaller Central Goverment out of our lives, states rights, let the parents have pta meeting let them decide what future they want for their children, Leadership, Mitt in you gut he is a true proven leader, I am a C C C Catholic Cosnervatve Christian, I love he flag the US Military and our Constitution , we have American values we were not founded on Muslim Sharia < we have founding Principles, America is waking up to Mitt who wont bow to any foreign leader, WE need a jobs president ,m Ryan is tough too and a fighter is is about time,,for a proven leader now is our time America,,,!!! Vote vote jobs Romney/Ryan 2012