Friday, September 7, 2012

Romney/Ryan 2012 Money Bomb Event Results

THANK YOU ALL!!! The Romney/Ryan 2012 Money Bomb Event has come to a close.  As promised, I will now share the results.

For the 24 hour period between 12:00 Noon EST on 9/6/2012 and 12:00 Noon EST on 9/7/2012, the event was able to raise $1,867.  There were 36 donors that made between $3 and $250 donations (mean=$51.86, mode=$15.00).


Okay, so you may think these numbers are small, the organization and word-of-mouth advertising, in relation to a national organization, was equally small.  With a handful of promoters, we got the word out on twitter, facebook, and various other social networks and forums (such as  And with that, I am pleased with the results.


Anonymous said...

Well done! Every little bit counts!


GetReal said...

Every little bit counts, for sure. It may not be a huge number, but that's enough money to air a 30 second TV ad in a local market in some of the swing states. It can make a difference.