Saturday, September 22, 2012


On October 20th, we will be holding a nationwide protest to express our well-founded rage at the media.

We plan to make our voices heard from Los Angeles to New York City and all points in between. For far too long we have been hostage to their narrative, to their complicity with the "progressive" agenda, to their media malpractice.  It's time to say ENOUGH!

Without the media, the Freshman Senator from Illinois would never have gotten the nomination, let alone the Presidency.  These past four years have been brought to us only with the help of the Propaganda Arm of the Obama Presidency and of progressives as a whole.

We on the Right have been BETRAYED, but the Left has been DUPED. ALL Americans have suffered at their hands.  The damage doesn't end at our shores!!

The Arab faux-spring was sold to all of us by the media, hawking the Kumbayah peace, love and democracy party line.  Now they are reaping what they have sown.  What's worse, they are betraying the very first amendment upon which they are dependent in order to CONTINUE to support this President.

The Media Lied, the Economy Died.

But even worse:

The Media Lied, And PEOPLE DIED.

We have created a Facebook group to support this protest:  Please join to help us strengthen this cause.  We hope that you will post articles that demonstrate the egregiousness of the press. We also will work to find ways to make this wave of protests the most powerful that we can.

If you are not on Facebook, please send your ideas to - Twitter: Karen S, or Email:

All suggestions are welcome. We need to be heard.


Andrew Breitbart knew who the enemy was. It's time to take a stand.

#RageAgainstTheMedia #WAR


We are focusing now on protesting at the CBS Television City at 7800 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, but are working on this spreading nationwide. More details coming soon.

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