Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Proof Some Obama's Polling Data Is False

So, you really think Obama is ahead?  Watch this 1 minute video a friend of mine posted on Facebook today.  I about almost fell off of my chair when I watched it.  I am pretty sure the 'answering machine Genie' cannot vote.

Next time you see a poll showing Obama ahead just replay the video below and smile!

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Nemesis said...

Diana Rae, this is the most brilliant post I've seen anywhere, anytime. It's as though you pulled back the curtain, and we glimpsed for a moment the fraudulent puppeteer pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Let's not lose our minds or hearts, folks. Let's renew our confidence in the American voter. That woman or man who was toiling away on the job when the puppeteer called.

Anonymous said...

the impotent boy king
all hat no cattle

b. hussein lied
Americans died