Sunday, September 30, 2012

President Obama moves to head off the spread of Nomophobia in America

A recent study sponsored by SecurEnvoy has found that since 2008, the amount of people who fear being without a mobile phone has grown from 53 percent to 66 percent. 
The term nomophobia, meaning the fear of being out of mobile phone contact, was first coined by British researchers in 2008.
The full story is HERE.

In anticipation of this malady becoming an epidemic here in the United states, President Obama began a test program in Ohio where this disorder seems to be getting the best of some of it's citizens. No longer do these nomophobics need to fear the loss of their cellphones. Below is the appreciative spokeswomen for the Cleveland branch of Nomophobics for Obama:

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Tom T said...

Very funny. This post just made my day.