Friday, September 28, 2012

PHOTO of The DAY: Mitt Romney (1968) "I Love Ann"

H/T Mitch
Before there was Romney the presidential candidate, there was Romney the romantic. In this week’s cover story, Jon Meacham looks at how Romney’s identity was shaped by his Mormon roots. To illustrate this formative time in the presidential candidate’s life, we turned to a surprising photo found in the archives that shows the rarely-seen personal side of the candidate.
The full story is HERE.

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American single women are BRAIN DEAD said...

Another reason for those STUPID single females to vote for Obama.

Romney would have gotten more of their support if the sign had read, "I Love Bruce".

newark hawk said...

I beg to differ. This photo appeals to ALL FEMALES, single or married.

Replace Romney with Obama in that photo, and replace "I LOVE ANN" with "I LOVE MICHELLE", and even Sandra Fluke would be swooning over it.

Although I am not female myself, I think I can safely assert that if you take politics out of the photo, it appeals to all females.

Anonymous said...


You're taking anon literally.

He's being sarcastic. Another words, even this photo will probably have no affect on those single female LOSERS who support Obama.

Anonymous said...


When thousands of people his age were dying in Vietnam in a war he supported and demonstrated in favor of, he's frolicking in France.

Typical conservative.