Saturday, September 29, 2012

MSNBC Caught DOCTORING a Romney Event clip

This is MSNBC, but if NBC considers them part of their "news family" than this is their baby, too. 
NBC is doctoring audio a lot. Aren't they? 
In this case, they are using the tactic I've noted quite a few times. They did this with Zimmerman, too, 
if you remember. If you are given a chyron of text telling you what the speaker is ostensibly saying you will hear the speaker saying it, even if he is not in fact saying it at all. 
It's an interesting demonstration of suggestibility. 
Which apparently NBC doesn't know about, despite internet partisans using this trick over and over and over again.
The full story is HERE.

Here is the event in it's entirety. I had recorded it myself from a live feed. The sound is CRYSTAL CLEAR The crowd yelled Romney....Romney.....and then Mitt reminded them it should be, Romney/Ryan: (17:30 minute mark)

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"Buddy" said...


So, if other Newscorp companies used phone hacking, then FOX is implicated as well. That's fair.

Anonymous said...

Joe Scarborough is a loser

Anonymous said...

Mitt should demand an apology

Phillip said...

What a GREAT rally!

Phillip said...

Mitt Romney's speech was powerful, flawless, and Reganesque. HOW IN THE WORLD could people think he is a week candidate? It is the filter of the News Media that is the problem. Mitt Romney is the smartest politician in America.