Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mitt Romney Campaign Rally in Las Vegas, NV (Full Video 09-21-12)

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Anonymous said...

I'm no expert, just an interested observer. I think when Mitt speaks at these places, he needs to talk to the people. He uses 'we' well, but I'm not sure he uses 'you' often enough. He speaks about 'the people...' I think he should personalize statements and say 'you', 'some of you' etc, to get to the heart of those who are listening to him. He needs to focus on the person/people right there in front of him, whether live or in front of their tvs, on their computers, or wherever else they are listening to him. I also still think he needs to shorten his sentences. Choose points that he needs to emphasize, avoid conjunctions, and hammer them hard. Short and sharp. End all main points with an EXCLAMATION mark! The crowd should be cheering before he finishes each statement, not waiting till he finishes. He runs sentences together way too quickly. SLOW DOWN ... STOP AFTER EACH STATEMENT ... make statements that resonate with the people and that sink deep into the individual's hearts ... If it doesn't do that, then it's not worth mentioning. Fewer words, more passion. Because the message has been heard over and over, it becomes hohum. Change presentation, introduce variety and inject more passion.

Anonymous said...

Does Gov Romney have campaign people who are watching and listening to FoxNews? If not, they need to. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

Why would he need to watch Fox news? He can do nothing right in their eyes, so why bother?