Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney at Fundraiser in Dallas, TX...but don't expect the lamestream media to post the whole event. (09-18-12 Full Video)

Mitt Romney is starting to open his fundraisers to the news media. Probably in light of the ASSHOLE who recorded the infamous "47%" video.

I'm hoping that team Romney begins to tape all these live events as well and puts them on their official site ( for people to view/copy and embed on sites like mine. That is THE ONLY way to keep these maggots from taking Mitt's words out of context. If Romney has the entire event posted on his site, it makes THEIR LIES that much more difficult to achieve.

This particular event was open to ALL the media. I challenge anyone to find the event in it's entirety at any of the major networks...MSNBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, ABC....and yes, INCLUDING FOX NEWS. What you'll find there (if anything) as in most Romney/Ryan events are little snippets and THEIR VERSION of what the event was all about.

This copy came from C-SPAN who records approximately 1 in 3 of  the Romney/Ryans events. What I've noticed with C-Span is that their Obama/Biden events are MORE PLENTIFUL. They are also more quickly to allow those Obama/Biden videos to be embedded from their site onto other sites....I wonder why?... Actually, I know already as most of you do as well.

This video here had to be copied (bootlegged) by me to show here, I would much rather have been able to embed from their site. It's a lot easier. Enjoy!

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