Friday, September 21, 2012

I bet you won't hear this section of the Mitt Romney "47%" video on the lamestream media

H/T Paulee of MRC
The media is still freaking out over the video tape of Mitt Romney talking about the 47% of Americans who aren’t paying taxes. Seriously…they’re still talking about it. But what they aren’t talking about is the rest of the tape – the parts that matter. The media is playing the portion of the video tape that Americans need to hear, instead, as usual, they’re focusing on the sound bites that fit their agenda. 
“If you want to reason a vote for Mitt Romney here it is,” Glenn told listeners this morning:
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Ohio Joe said...

It is all fine and well that Mr. Romney realizes that we are in too debt. However, that does not change the fact that he made a gaffe with regards to his 47% remark. He needs to stop this kind of shooting off at the hip. Instead he needs to show us TV advertisements. I finally saw one of his ads today. He needs to do more of these TV ads to make up for the 47% gaffe.

newark hawk said...

@ Ohio Joe

Don't worry about Romney's so-called "gaffe".

There was a 2-minute gap in that tape, which means the tape was edited and is therefore untrustworthy.

Nobody - except the libs - is going to remember Romney's 47% comment a few weeks from now, much less on election day.

Romney has some great TV ads on the air right now, saving the best for the stretch run, just like he did during the GOP primaries.

Anonymous said...

OJ: As an indie voter I can tell you that there is no gaffe that Romney has ever made that Obama hasn't made 20 times worse.

Romney has a dog on his car
Obama eats a dog

Romney says 47% of Americans want handouts
Obama says he supports redistribution

Romney says he likes to fire people
Obama says he wants to "spread the wealth around"

As a middle of the road voter I can tell you that I don't see Romney as Gaffe prone, I see him as awkward. I see Obama as a failure.

newark hawk said...

My only criticism of Romney is that I think he should publicly call out these mainstream media pollsters for their ridiculously skewed samples.

For example, he could simply say: "Most of the polls use a 2008 party turnout model. I fully expect, as do many other observers, that party turnout in 2012 will be a lot closer to that of 2010, 2004 & 2000 than to that of 2008. We shall see."

Romney can't let the media get away with their false narrative about Obama jumping way ahead in the polls and Romney's campaign being desperate and in disarray.

Furthermore, by challenging media and pollster bias, Romney will curry favor with the voters, most of whom distrust and dislike the media.

Machtyn said...

OJ: I think Romney has tightened up his ship. This "gaffe" happened back in April. And what did he say? He said 47% of the people are going to vote for Obama no matter what. Then he explained the reasons behind why. It is the media who are distorting his words and many of the Left and some on the Right that are too willing to believe the media.

Anonymous said...

The response needed regarding Romney's 47% should be a question for Obama.

What percentage of small town people did Obama think wouldn't vote for him because he said they're bitter & cling to their guns, religion and have antipathy for those who don't look like them?

How many voters did Obama write off with that statement, huh?

How many small town voters did Obama characterize as racist in that statement?

How many small town voters did Obama characterize as bitter?

Anonymous said...

Nobody panic! Romney will be OK. Remember the primaries? Some mole would stick his head out, get ahead in the polls and eventually Mitt would whack him down? It's the same with Obama, but since there's only one of him, he keeps jumping up and down. Let's not worry about ten cats in the middle who can't make up their mind and can't be herded one way or another. Mitt is energizing HIS base and we will go out and vote in full force, and that will be enough to get him over the top. Dems are trying to use polls as a weapon, but it's not gonna work this time.