Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glenn Beck has finally seen the light.

Got Mitt 2012!
 I saw this link on Facebook today, and my thought was "finally!" Glenn Beck has finally seen the light.

LINK to the original story and the video is posted below.
About three weeks ago, Glenn asked TheBlaze to find the stories about Mitt Romney that the media isn’t telling and Americans should know. He was fed up with the pictures being painted about Romney through the mainstream media and campaign ads. In 2008 all conservatives really wanted was the media to research Barack Obama like they do everyone on the right. Is it too much to ask for the American people to know a little background information on the man they may elect to be their President.

The history being shown about Mitt Romney on the news has been so far from the truth and so insanely trivial that Glenn started to believe, “this guy is squeaky clean.”

“I asked my staff to go find the stuff on Romney, the good stuff,” Glenn explained. “Because if there is no bad stuff, I’ll bet you there’s good stuff out there that nobody’s telling the story on.”

As it was pointed out by a few at the RNC and became evident after Glenn’s staff began telling him the stories they were finding, Romney isn’t the kind of guy that likes to talk about the things he has done to help others. On Friday, Glenn is going to spend a full hour sharing the incredible stories his staff found. He will also be joined by some of the people whose lives were changed (for the better) by Mitt Romney, most of whom had never even met him.

This morning on radio Glenn gave a preview of what you can expect to see on Friday’s program. He shared a story of a V.A. hospital in Boston that Mitt Romney stopped at while on the campaign trail running against Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy had made a thirty minute top at the same location a couple of weeks prior.

After touring the V.A. hospital, Mitt asked to look at their books. After he spent forty minutes going through their books, he told them, “You run a very good place, very tight.  Very good.” Romney asked to go on another tour of the hospital, and after spending an hour and forty minutes there, the last question he asked was, “So what… what do you ‑‑ what are you lacking?  What do you need help with?”

The response? “Milk.”

Since the press was around, snapping photos and asking questions, Glenn explained that Romney did a really awkward joke where he said, “maybe we should teach everyone here how to milk a cow.”
Of course, that’s all the press cared to hear and ran with a story that claims “Mitt Romney says veterans should have to milks cows.”

“This is where it gets good,” Glenn started. “Romney calls him up the next morning.”
Romney first apologizes to the man who runs the hospital for any problems the attention from the press jumping on his words brought to the hospital. He next offers to help with the milks situation.
“Friday comes, and the milkman comes,” Glenn continues. “This is what the vets needed – they needed 7,000 pints of milk a week.  Milkman shows up, 7,000 pints.  The head of the V.A. hospital asks, “Where did all this come from?”  He [the milkman] said “an anonymous donor.”  Now, the guy didn’t put it together.”

Glenn explains that when the next week rolled around, the milkman shows up again, and continued to show up every week for two years. After two years of delivering 7,000 pints of milk a week to the hospital, as the milkman is retiring, the man finally gets him to reveal the anonymous donor.
It’s Mitt Romney.

“Mitt Romney was writing a personal check and didn’t want anybody to know for two years and provided the vets with all of their milk in Boston,” Glenn explained to listeners this morning.
When Romney became governor, he sent a bill through to help the V.A. hospital – it was down to the dollar. This man told Glenn, “if you want a mechanic on the economy? It’s this guy. He [Mitt Romney] went and he looked at the books first. He wanted to see what we were doing and how effective we were.  He said then, beyond that, the milk.  He did that and he didn’t want anything ‑‑ he didn’t want anyone to know.”

No one is telling America these stories – but Friday, Glenn will.

“The stories you’ll hear on Friday are incredible.  Our people found them.  And we didn’t send investigators.  Nobody’s going through anybody’s garbage.  We just started to look.  And the stories we found, I’m telling you, I apologize to Mitt Romney and his family for being so blind and not seeing who he was.  That does not mean I’m going to agree with all of his policies, but I am blind.  I have been saying we need to find George Washington, a man of true character and honor and decency.  When you watch the show on Friday, you will ‑‑ I’m convinced you will feel exactly the same way I do.”

This Friday on TheBlaze TV, Glenn will be joined by this man and many other to tell the stories about Mitt Romney the media won’t tell you – the stories you’ve been longing to hear about a politician in this country. Don’t miss it!
This is not to say that Mitt Romney is a perfect man. Of course he is not. Of course he has (and will continue to have) mistakes. I will not always agree with him on everything. But I have always believe him to be a man of integrity, compassion and competence. He is a man of character, which we urgently need to lead this country.

 I am not a TheBlazeTV subscriber, so I don't know if I will be able to watch the show that day, but I will certainly make an effort.

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting that this message never comes up. Mitt came from humble beginnings, both in his early years and when he Married Ann. He is an adult, and a gentlemen. He has a quality that many others today in politics that is the willingness to be accountable. Too many cheap shots, immaturity, and dirty politics. Don't tell me what you can do, just do it. Don't play the blame game I will judge you based on what you have done to lift up the American people. So far I have only heard dirt from the Obama camp it is time that a true leader take the country to the next level. To get there we need to heal, and that starts with actions and compassion, which does not exist in Washington Today!

Randall said...

You can now watch it if you have dish network. Good show by the way.

pspatti said...

I had just about given up on Glenn Beck, but it looks as though he has finally seen the light! Now he knows that Mitt's the real deal.

Anonymous said...

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Machtyn said...

Linkafied for you:

(sorry, just watched Wicked, where the language is transmogriphifically modificated.)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you think Glen has not been in it for Rommney all along. I believe in Glen so much it was sicking but now I feel cheated. I knew the day Glen was upset with Sarah Palin when she spoke up for Gingrich. She knew that Nancy had passed the conservative torch from Reagan to Gingrich and Nancy would never had done that if She thought Ginrich wasn't. Romney is nothing but a flip flopper and has been that was since he first got in government. Romney has changed on the health bill first all he was saying was he would repeal the health care now it is they will keep some of it and keep some. Glen was one of the ones who tore Gingrich up with his not so true facts. Glen said Newt was a progressive because he liked a former President. He never told about Newt keeping balanced budget the whole time he was speaker of the house. When Romney's pac said he could not talk to the pac about the some the false information about Newt. When the Pac said something about Obama suddenly he was going to talk to the pac. He spent over 100million putting out the false ads on Newt Romney talked about how great he did on the olympics but he didn't tell how he got over 100 billion in taxpayer dollars that some of his friends are still making money from it. I saw how disrepectfully Glen was when he talked to Newt.Newt did wrong and he admitted to what he did. The amount Newt made from the FAnny and Freddy was a small persentage of what was paid the company recieved the rest. Same as you do Glen all the money that you take in doesn't all go to you He was not found guilty of wrong doing while Speaker of the house. He kept Clinton in line more than what I can say about Boehner with Obama. The Gop machine may have destroyed themselves because of what they did at the convention.Romney thoughtitwas okay to buy the primaries. So after less than ten states Romney was screaming that he had enough delegates but that was a lie If he manages to take over how honest will he be.Romney sure made people think he did.Newt Paid the money that it cost to do the investigation. It was political modivated by the memebers of his own party. Boehner was one of them. What RNC and Romney and his goones did at the convention tells me more than I want to know. He is not this nice honest man. A christian man would not bear false Witness against his neighbor. Maybe he doesn't feel responsible. He is guilty.Romney was promised this election after McCain ran the 2008 by the Bushs.But when you realize that the people in the McCain camp who tried to destroy Sarah Palin came from the Bush's.Romney even have some of them in his camp like Kevin Madden. Glen is not the great man I thought he was. Maybe he need Romney to help him with his Love campaign in Texas.I noticed he had to tell everyone he would not be using others that had done him so well in the past. He didn't have to explain but when you do you look Guilty.Glen in the past you did well but when you do good and make people think you are not involved it because sickening. You have lost you purpose your good. Your head became to big. If Obama gets reelected we will look to you. Gingrich knew how to change things and what need to change. He had gone to God and asked for forgiveness but I guess you feel only you should be forgiven. What Romney and Boehner and Priebus did at the convention was so wrong. People were not even allowed to carry signs unless they had Romney's name on it. People talked of have thugs taking the signs on him.Conservatives and teaparty people were barried from the convention. So tell me what good Romney will do.Shame on you all

Lori Patriot said...

Beck was for Mitt in 2008. He likes Bachmann, Rand, West's guts and straight talk. He is personal friends with Santorum & Huntsman's dad. The truth is if Beck had been 110% for Mitt from the start, the media would claim it was a Mormon cabal picking the President. Mitt is the closest to Washington that we'll ever get. Like I said a year ago..we need a righteous person to take on the corruption & evil. Mitt is it and thank God he's willing to step up AGAIN to serve his country.