Monday, September 17, 2012

Funniest Quote of the Day from President Obama

“One of the proudest things of my three years in office is helping to restore a sense of respect for America around the world..."

Just for YOU fredtuttle:

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Anonymous said...

TOO funny!!!!!!!

Thanks for the laugh as I head out the door!!

fredtuttle said...

You're making fun of our President for observing the cultural norms for greeting Japanese individuals? Can you say "Ugly American"?

Slick-Willy said...

@fredtuttle: It was once the "cultural norm" to bow before the King of England. Bowing is not purely a sign of respect. It is also a sign of patronage and submission. Our founders stated frequently that the American President would never bow before any world leader regardless of expectation. Unfortunately, Obama's never been big on following the guidance of our founders.

fredtuttle said...

@slick-willy If either of us had the time or inclination, we could find hundreds of photos of American Presidents, both Republican and Democratic, bowing when they meet Japanese visitors. It's selective amnesia to pretend otherwise.

Anonymous said...

fredtuttle, he bows before the president of Mexico even. Mexico! Nice try, but you fail miserably in your explanation.

fredtuttle said...

Link to Richard Nixon bowing to Emperor Hirohito.

So, it's okay for Republican Presidents to bow to foreign leaders, but not Democratic Presidents? Why?

fredtuttle said...

I guess the take-away from this is if you hear it from a conservative source, you never question it, but you "don't believe the liberal media". Question everything.

BOSMAN said...

Hey Fred, I left you a new photo in the post above....LIKE IT?

fredtuttle said...

I guess Richard Nixon didn't follow the guidance of our founders either.

fredtuttle said...


Does that affect the fact that, when he was President, Nixon bowed to Emperor Hirohito? It's okay for Nixon, but not Obama? Please explain.

BOSMAN said...

Don't need to explain anything. Is NIXON the standard you're judging Obama by?

I'm judging Obama by the NEW Mitt Romney standard....YOUR POINT WAS?

Anonymous said...

fred, you are ignoring the comment I mentioned before about Obama bowing to other leaders as well. Please explain your position on that.

marK said...

Republicans have been claiming that Obama is the most corrupt president since Richard Nixon, and Fred is now using him as an excuse for Obama's failings.

Any port in a storm, I guess.

fredtuttle said...


You're putting me on, right? I mean, you can't really be that obtuse, can you?

But on the off chance that you are, let me share some other links with you that demonstrate that Obama is far from the first President to bow to foreign leaders.

Bush bows to Pope:

Bush comes out of closet, holds hands with Saudi King Abdullah

Bush gay photo kissing Abdullah

Eisenhower bows to DeGaulle 1959

You know, you should stop acting this dense. You'll give conservatives a bad reputation as unable to process information. If you're not acting, my heart goes out to you, and please pardon any pain this may have caused.

Oh, wait, forget that. What I said was really my exercise of free speech, and Americans don't apologize for exercising their free speech rights. Screw y'all.

Anonymous said...

fred you just exposed yourself to being an idiot lol

fredtuttle said...


Name calling! Now that's a sure sign of intelligence! I thought, perhaps mistakenly, that name calling went out in fifth grade.

And it really adds to the discourse, telling us what part of the discussion you don't agree with, and where I can find information that will set the record straight. Thank you for that!

(If you're having trouble following my post, look up "sarcasm" in the dictionary. That will help.)

Anonymous said...

Oh fred, you are so misguided it's not even funny. You are trying to push gay bush photos! LOL. And you looking down your nose at people when looking at your post, you've got nothing!

You still haven't answered my question. It's ok, it looks like you can't answer it, despite how hard you try to sound smart in your posts, you aren't really. When you try to pass off photos of bush being "gay", you lose credibility.


Anonymous said...

One example of an American President bowing to an Emperor ain't enough.

Bowing to a Pope doesn't count, either. A pope has no allegiance other than a church.

In addition to the constant bowing, Obama had a message for the world:

I know America is not superior. In fact, I think were to blame for everything. I'm sorry that America exist. The world would be a much better place without America. I'm doing my best to bust up the American economy for the world. Once again, I'm sorry for the ugly Americans.

It's no wonder Michelle Obama said she was never proud of the US BEFORE Obama was nominated. She and Barak probably bonded over their disdain for America when they first got together.

fredtuttle said...


Please allow me to point you to a web site that will clarify your misunderstanding as to the role of the Pope.

Besides being the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope is also the head of Vatican City. "Vatican City is an ecclesiastical or sacerdotal-monarchical state, ruled by the Bishop of Rome—the Pope." Wikipedia -

So, an American President bowing to the Pope is an example of bowing to a head of state.

Charles DeGaulle was the head of state of France in 1959 when Eisenhower bowed to him.

It doesn't matter whether we're talking about an emperor or another type of head of state. DeGaulle was not an emperor, but Eisenhower bowed when they met. This is a similar situation to Obama meeting the head of Mexico. Please explain if you believe otherwise.

Nixon, Bush, and Eisenhower make three documented examples of American Presidents bowing to foreign heads of state. How many do you need? Give me a number.

King Faisal was head of Saudi Arabia when Bush kissed him. Somehow kissing the head of a foreign state is better than bowing.

Oh, and by the way, my references to Bush holding hands and kissing Faisal as being gay were sarcastic. I guess I shouldn't attempt that type of humor here.

And please remember that what we're doing here is showing that Obama is not the first American President to bow before a foreign leader. If you want to discuss other matters, let's discuss them in an appropriate venue.

And, Anonymous, it's not "Whah..whah..whah...". It's "Let's get the facts straight." If you don't have the facts straight, the discussion is meaningless. Or do you disagree?

Slick-Willy said...

@fredtuttle: Exactly. Nixon, like Obama, is not a guy the founders would be proud of.

And I'm not suggesting Obama is the first president to EVER do it. I would be shocked if a president didn't equivocate on occasion and make the error, especially when meeting with leaders from eastern nations. However, O has made a habit of bowing to leaders from everywhere while "apologizing" for America.

fredtuttle said...

The subject of this article, specifically the photos accompanying it, is Obama bowing before heads of state. I was addressing the fact that there are precedents for that, and Obama is not the first to have done that, so he should not be attacked for being the first, as some have. (Yes, I can document that, if you need it. Otherwise, you can look it up yourself.) If you attack Obama for bowing before foreign heads of state, be consistent and attack all the Presidents we can document that have done that before him. Bush, Nixon, Eisenhower, maybe others. Probably Clinton, Johnson, Carter, and others as well.

Justt like this is not the appropriate place to discuss last night's 49ers game, this is also not the appropriate place to discussing whether or not Obama is apologizing for America.

Tony said...

FRED TURTLE I don't give a DAMN who did it. It is wrong for our leader to bow to anyone. Get It! You freaken dumb liberal anti American with no clue!

fredtuttle said...


Overlooked this one. Video of Ronald Reagan bowing to Queen Elizabeth II.

So I guess it was wrong for Ronald Reagan to bow to the Queen of England.

Just as long as you're consistent. It was wrong for Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Obama. We're on the same page. Hate them all for bowing to any foreign leader.

And is name calling your preferred way for attempting to end a discussion? And why am I dumb, freaken, liberal, anti American, and/or with no clue for looking for the facts? I thought informed Americans wanted to know all the facts before making a decision?

You're entitled to your own opinion about Obama. You're not entitled to your own facts.

BOSMAN said...

Fred....Fred....lets just say that Obama is a HABITUAL BOWER.

In all your examples you give one occasion where a former President bows to someone.

In Obama's case, he has a HABIT of bowing to heads of state/politicians/Emperors.

Lets play a Game and keep score.

Obama bowing to heads of state, ETC, SCORECARD (for this post)

Obama 4
Bush 1
Nixon 1
Eisenhower 1

Hey fred...Do you think your guy will win?

Anonymous said...

Fred's condescention is amusing, considering he's losing the argument. It's also particularly amusing because he doesn't get CONTEXT. Bowing to someone in of itself isn't bad, especially if they are from western nations. Bowing to someone and appologizing for America IS a bad thing and shouldn't be tolerated by the American people. It's OK Fred, when you grow up and get over yourself, you'll know better.

Anonymous said...

Fred is just ridiculous!

For someone who obviously considers himself so smart, you missed the point entirely.

Bowing for Obama is more than a simple diplomatic formality. It is an apology. It's an apology for the existence of the United States. Obama hates this country, and it is the reason he always touts he wants to "transform" America. He wants to transform it, because he hates it!

Obama thinks this country has had too much influence, wealth, and prosperity. When he bows to foreign powers, he lets them know he understands their pain. Their pain being that America has too much, and he's there to save the day and put an end to it.

So, Fred, your claim that bow is just a bow is just a little too naive and simplistic, genius.

fredtuttle said...

The premise of the article is that it is wrong for a US President to bow to a foreign head of state. The article showed photos of Obama bowing to foreign heads of state. Under the premise of the article, Obama is wrong for doing this.

I provided links to photos that showed Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, and Bush bowing to foreign heads of state. Under the premise of this article, all these Republican Presidents were wrong for doing this.

We can make one of two choices. Either it's wrong for a US President to bow to foreign heads of state, and Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, and Bush were all wrong for doing that, or it's not wrong, but part of the ceremony of meetings between heads of state.

Either it's wrong, or it's not wrong. Doing it one time doesn't make it less wrong than doing it twice or three times. While we don't have photos of the former Presidents bowing when they met every foreign head of state, it could either be because no photographers were in the vicinity, or no bow took place. We don't have the facts to make that determination.

Nowhere in the article does it mention that Obama apologizes for the actions of the United States, so I never addressed that issue. If I overlooked language in the article that says Obama apologizes for America, could someone please point it out to me?

My point was that, when judging what a US President does, we need to use consistent criteria. It's either okay for all of them, or wrong for all of them. We can't pick out which ones we want the rules to apply to, and which ones get a pass.

From my perspective, it's a pretty simple question. It's either right or it's wrong. Context doesn't make it righter or wronger. It's an absolute. Right or wrong. Just like abortion. Right or wrong.

BOSMAN said...

Fred..........It's WRONG!

But hey, EVERYONE even a President is entitled to making "ONE MISTAKE" when it comes to bowing to others.


Anonymous said...

@fred, a really dorky obama scraping and bowing too low, a too practiced 90 degree dip. NOT presidential.

But you're wrong about the premise. Bosman addressed the issue of respect for America and the damage Obama has done and the damage in progress.

Obama is a U.S. traitor, and nobody respects a traitor. Obama lies on the world stage. He says it is according to Muslim custom to bury Osama bin Laden at sea. LIE.

He told a LIE about the Libyan terrorist attack, that it spawned from out-of-control protest over a film. LIE. It is embarrassing. There was NO protest prior to them killing our U.S. Ambassador.

But Obama's leaks, they are not funny. We can't stand him, and America can't stand with him as POTUS. Save our men and intelligence power, help us get rid of Obama.

Any American thinking of voting for Obama ought to be ashamed of themselves. They make the world think we are like this weak, deceitful bully in the White House right now. Are you helpless? Don't drink the Koolaid.

Terrorist attacks are NOT oversea contingency operations, and there was no Arab Spring, just this nightmare.

Obama lies the same way sociopaths lie, and constantly. Sickening.

GetReal said...

Anybody know where to find video of Romney speaking at the latino business conference today? Usually Rightspeak would be the place to find someothing like that, but everyone has been bickering with a troll all day.

BOSMAN said...


It will be posted at RS after midnight. the same with Ryan's event in Des Moines.

GetReal said...

Cool. Thanks, Bosman.