Monday, September 24, 2012

Facts Regarding Minorities and the Republican Party

Conservative talk show host, Michael Berry received an email from one of his listeners.  He shared it on his Facebook page.  The listener "David" from Stafford, Texas spelled out the 'facts' of Republican Party and minorities.

Michael Berry posted this without fact checking it.  But, I decided to do it and all of his comments are true. I think you will find his email quite interesting. Here is the email:
Name: David xxxxxx
Workplace: xxxxx
Station: KTRH
ZIP: 77477

Comments: I researched and compiled a list of facts regarding minorities and the Republican party, as I think this week we are going to be deluged with stories from the liberal media on why minorities simply must be Democrats. These are all verifiable facts. I would be very grateful if you shared this with your audience.

First Hispanic U.S. attorney general: Alberto Gonzales (2005–07), appointed by GW Bush.

First Hispanic U.S. surgeon general: Antonia Novello (1990–93), appointed by GHW Bush.

First Hispanic woman elected to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida, 1989). She is currently the most senior Republican woman in the House.

First Hispanic U.S. cabinet official: Lauro Fred Cavazos, Jr. (secretary of education, 1988–90), appointed by Ronald Reagan.

First Hispanic elected to the U.S. Senate: Octaviano Larrazolo (New Mexico, 1928), Republican.

First Hispanic woman elected as Governor of a US state, Suzanne Martinez (New Mexico, 2011), Republican.

First black U.S. Senator, Hiram Rhodes Revels (Mississippi, 1870), Republican.

First black mayor of a U.S. city, Pierre Caliste Landry (Donaldsonville, Louisiana, 1868), Republican.

First black Secretary of State, Colin Powell, (2001), appointed by GW Bush, later succeeded by Condoleeza Rice, first black woman to hold this office. Powell was also the first black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, appointed by GHW Bush in 1989.

First black Secretary of Education, Rod Paige (2001), appointed by GW Bush.

First black member of the U.S. House of Representatives post-Reconstruction, Oscar Stanton De Priest (Illinois, 1928), Republican.

First black state attorney general, Edward Brooke (Massachusetts, 1962), Republican, later the first post-Reconstruction black U.S. Senator.

First woman Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor (1981-2006), appointed by Ronald Reagan.

First woman elected to the United States Congress, Jeanette Rankin, Montana, 1917), Republican.

The first five woman members of the U.S. House of Representatives were all Republicans.

The first woman governors of 13 U.S. states have been Republicans.

Currently four of the six sitting woman governors of U.S. states are Republicans, five woman U.S. Senators are Republicans, and 28 woman House representatives are Republicans.

George W. Bush had more woman cabinet members than any other U.S. President, and the most ethnically diverse cabinet of any U.S. President at the time.

80% of Republican Senators voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, while only 60% of Democrats did.

**Where liberal leaders see race and gender we see people as individuals with the same God-given rights.**

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I strongly dislike republicans. Elephants just come along and stomp all over our econmey. WHEN ARE THEY GONNA LEARN THEIR LESSON?!?!?!?!?!