Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Political Allegory of the Farmer

I've had some interesting discussions with a wrong headed liberal who refuses to believe anything good about Mitt Romney. She is a co-worker of mine, so it makes it interesting. While pondering the last discussion I had with her, I came up with what I thought was an interesting allegory. Here it is.

Suppose you are a very successful, wealthy farmer. Your farm consists of pigs, cows, chickens, corn, wheat, etc., etc. You have hired hands and a sweet family. Being a successful and very generous farmer, you don't mind that you have some people who come in and take some ears of corn, or some wheat for bread. Despite giving of your farm's products very generously to various charities that service those in need, you instruct your hired hands to do nothing about them. Let the intruders take what they will. After all, you are very successful and very wealthy. It doesn't hurt. After some time the intruders start taking pigs and cows. You think, "That's not so bad, they deserve a little meat once in awhile."

However, you notice a disturbing trend. While taking your fruits into the stores in town, you notice some vandalism to the property. Broken fences, spray painted barns and rocks. Not a problem, just an annoyance. But farther into town you see posters, fliers, and other propaganda all slandering your good, and very generous, name. Some of the handbills even threaten violence against you. This does not seem right. After all, you share your wealth with those in need and with anyone who asks.

You try to appease the people, talk with those responsible. However, violence does erupt. Many of your hired hands are bullied or beaten.  Even your family is starting to get roughed up.  The next week, your foreman is found dead, having been killed while looking for potential employees to hire. What is your course of action?
If you are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, you go to the town and post an apology at the town hall and send a truck with speakers to blast that apology to the people.


ginny holmes said...

I love your allegory. What has happened to Hillary. Has she changed diametrically to path the her journey to 2016, or has she become as delutional as her boss. A true Stepford Wife. "I must have that recipe."

Anonymous said...

You got that right.

Anonymous said...

hey bosman did you ban me for engaging that troll me?????

Anonymous said...

Liked the allegory, Machtyn!