Monday, August 20, 2012

Young Black Conservative responds to MSNBC's Touré who accused Mitt Romney of 'n*ggerization' of President Obama

H/T Breitbart TV and Joel2012

Here is the video with the accusation by Touré:

Here is Kira Davis, a young black conservative woman, who in an 'Open Letter to Touré', brilliantly takes him apart for making such an accusation against Mitt Romney. She demands and apology from Touré for Mitt Romney, herself, and anyone who has ever experienced REAL racism:

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Anonymous said...

Eloquently put!

Anonymous said...

A freaking MEN

Anonymous said...

Kira Davis, you are brilliant!!! Keep up the great work of standing up to people who are dishonest as Toure and the reporter supporting him are. Your response is so amazing and so true!

Anonymous said...

Somebody say AMEN!!