Friday, August 17, 2012

Test of Fire: Election 2012 (Catholic Ad?)

I had a Catholic relative of mine email this powerfull video to me, asking me to share it. Well Here it is:

There is a 60 Second Version which leads me to believe this ad may find it's way to a TV near you. It's already airing on EWTN.

It really gives a powerful message AND WARNING to Catholics:
"Your vote will AFFECT the Future and be RECORDED IN ETERNITY. Will you vote THE VALUES that will stand THE TEST OF FIRE?"
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Lori Patriot said...

Brilliant. As a Lutheran married to a Catholic, this speaks to the heart & is effective. It's about time people who claim to be of deep faith realized that voting for a party that violates their faith is sinful. Voting for a man that voted to kill babies that survived botched abortions like Obama did on the record is evil. The Catholics, other faiths and Jews should remember the teachings of their faiths.

Anonymous said...

count the mormon, catholic, and jewish vote in mitt's corner...