Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Romney Supporters Falsely Ascribe Conspiracies to Governor Palin

(Re-posted in its entirety with permission from the author, Steve Flesher. The original article can be found here)

C4P’s official position represents that of the Governor’s. That position is illustrated in our efforts to unite against Obama to make sure he is replaced. Governor Palin recently said: “do me a favor” and “give Romney a shot.” Further, she talked to Sean Hannity a few weeks ago and stated that after a “competitive primary,” we had our winner — Mitt Romney. She was and remains 100% on board in helping to replace Barack Obama.

We, too, are on board with the Governor to not only making sure Obama is fired but that we fill the House and Senate with good conservatives. It’s been working like a charm. Governor Palin and her supporters helped make a huge impact in 2010’s mid-term elections. In 2012, her endorsements are making a huge difference as well such as Ted Cruz in Texas and Deb Fischer in Nebraska.

Despite Governor Palin’s quotes listed above on Romney or the facts that she’s continued to galvanize the Republican Party for Romney’s benefit, some out there claiming to be Romney supporters are passing around stories today ascribing false conspiracies to Governor Palin. The piece has surfaced here and here and other places.

The phony story cites another one from a Ron Paul support-website which says:
Sara[h] Palin is in town and playing games, she is trying to steal the nomination, she sent out packets to all of the delegates asking them to vote for her if there is a brokered convention and she is trying to cause a brokered convention. I spoke to delegates at my booth who said they received the packet. None of our delegates will vote for her, putting my dislike for her aside, if she helps with a brokered convention I am fine with it because I think we could win a brokered convention.
The writer who cites this quote goes on to say:
Sarah Palin just exposed herself as two faced politician since she’s advocating people to vote for Mitt Romney on television but apparently working to make a brokered convention happen. That’s why its not surprising that why Sarah Palin not being invited to the GOP convention or why she hasn’t been allowed to have an opportunity to speak at the convention. You can’t expect to be invited to an event if you intend to undermine that event and have not been supportive of the GOP nominee. 
I call on everyone from simple voters to news reporters to conservative commentators to RNC chairmen to call her out on her duplicitous behavior and speech. Is she really loyal to the GOP party? Does she really want Mitt to win in 2012? If so, why is she trying to engineer a brokered convention? If she’s not trying to engineer a brokered convention, why are there reports that she is?
For starters, nobody knows what happened with regard to the convention. While some choose to doubt Reince Priebus’s claim that Palin was in fact offered a prime time slot (as he told Mark Levin), the fact is it would have more official credibility since Priebus represents the RNC as opposed to what the writer here says: that she wasn’t invited at all.

Second, what the writer of this is describing are the delegate packets sent out by the members of the “Earthquake” organization which we have denounced fully. About two months ago, my C4P Editor-in-chief, Stacy Drake wrote:
To believe that Governor Palin has some sort of secret plan to steal the nomination from Mitt Romney, based on things she said in the past (much before October 5th) is out-of-touch with current day reality. There is no mathematical way that Governor Palin could get the nomination this year. She has no delegates. Mitt Romney has enough delegates to take it. He currently has 1,473, while only needing 1,144 to win. People looking to Ron Paul delegates for assistance to knock Mitt out of the race, need to consider that Ron Paul’s has conceded and has asked his supporters to be “respectful” in Tampa. 
Some however, are ignoring this reality, spinning Governor Palin’s words, and currently building a case against Governor Palin’s character on our forum. That is not going to be tolerated on C4P any longer. To insinuate that Governor Palin will lose her credibility if she doesn’t do what people (who cherry-pick her words) want her to do, is indeed building a case for the future. And the future clearly tells us that what these people want to happen, isn’t going to happen, so this only has one way to go. 
No longer will you be permitted to post “Earthquake” conspiracy theories on C4P…Zero tolerance for this, by the way. Enough is enough.
In addition to Stacy’s words, we have had to unfortunately enforce this policy as certain members of the very small group were becoming increasingly difficult. As anyone who pays attention can see, we have not tolerated it and we still will not.

Nevertheless, before checking into the facts, the alleged Romney supporter continues his bellicose world salad about the delegate packets. So basically, an entire conspiracy (false) was ascribed to Governor Palin, nothing was confirmed with us or with the folks officially connected to the Governor. In addition, it is apparent that before writing this nonsense, the writer didn’t even bother looking at the packets sent out. If he had he’d have seen the following image.

So as you can see, when you support a candidate or public figure, a certain amount of responsibility should be exercised. Further, Romney supporters who truly want their candidate to win in November against Obama (as Governor Palin has stated she wants also) might want to stop and ask why anyone who claims to be a supporter of someone we already know will be our nominee would spend more time perpetuating lies and falsehoods about Governor Palin instead of going after Obama.

It’s sad when you consider what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have stacked against them in the coming months. Supporters like this only add to the agony which awaits.

If Mitt Romney does not emerge victorious in November, the entire country will suffer. But it won’t be because of Governor Palin or her serious supporters who’ve already denounced the radical group responsible for what is referenced above. It will be because of folks masking themselves as Romney supporters and doing all they can to give such extremism a platform by perpetuating it themselves.

I strongly urge Romney supporters to prevent this untrue nonsense from being published on their websites and blogs and to be responsible handling conspiracy theories, just as we have. It’s the right thing to do.


Anonymous said...

good post agreed. Romney supporters shut up. Palin supporters help us.

Anonymous said...

Who knew RWN would post this! Of course. i just thought it would not take him so long, as he is totally in loooovvvve with all things Palin!~

Anonymous said...

RWN back to defend the queen!!!

Noelle said...

I for one am glad that Sarah Palin has gotten on board and is supporting Romney, and encouraging her followers to do the same. I wish she would have done so sooner.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Sounds like a fight brewing in the Palin-Paul sandbox....

...as irritating as a crying, sticky faced with a hairy lollipop and a dirty diaper.

Doug NYC GOP said...

I actually heard the Palin interview , live on Saturday driving to work. It was good to finally here her backing Mitt.

I seriously doubt she is planning on a brokered convention at this date.

That said, the camps of both these politicos often conduct themselves like sophomores running for the student council.

The conspiracy theroies alone are laughable.

Socrates said...

Oh, the indignation over at C4P.

Are we supposed to feel bad.

Do a Romney search over there and take a look at some of the conspiracy theories that have been written about Romney over there.

Where was the indignation then from C4P?

What's that old saying?

What goes around eventually comes around?

Anonymous said...


If you notice the articles at C4P attacking Romney occurred during the primary where inner-party criticism is appropriate. This kind of stuff during a general is a different story. It's simply dangerous to the party as a whole.

If you want to talk about indignant speech, we can talk about Newt's demise in Florida and what made it all happen -- but we can save that until after the most important election of our lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Good post RW...like I said earlier, the vast majority of Romney supporters are happy with Palin's support and should denounce such ridiculousness. These types of theories are worthless and I think most sensible people simply roll their eyes when they read such gibberish. Don't get too worked up over it because the claims have no legs and will die shortly.

I for one was hoping to hear a primetime speech from Sarah this week...she always knocks those opportunities out of he park.


Right Wingnut said...

Steve didn't address this in his article, but I'd also like to see Jared's evidence that Gov. Palin was in Florida trying to gain the support of the delegates. So far, he seems to be basing this hair brain theory on a comment by a loony Ron Paul supporter. That's troubling coming from someone with a law degree.

I'm amazed that he would stake his reputation on this. Thanks to Gary P. Jackson, it will remain on the www for eternity for potential clients and employers to see...including name and photo.


Perhaps Gary will be nice enough to add the retraction to his post. Something to think about, Jared.

Right Wingnut said...


I've noticed that the glass is usually half full for you when it comes to Palin. You rarely compliment her without taking half of it back in the next breath. I'll guess we'll have to take what we can get.

Right Wingnut said...


If anyone should have a beef with the Paul camp, it should be Rombots. Have you visited dailypaul.com lately?

Right Wingnut said...


Nice bit of misdirection accusing Palin supporters of conspiracies, given the topic of this post.

Right Wingnut said...


You're rubbish doesn't even warrant a response.

Right Wingnut said...


Thanks. I should be clear about one thing. These are Steve's thoughts, not mine. I'm not endorsing everything he said. I wanted to post it here, because he did a great job of debunking Jared's claims that Palin is trying to force a brokered convention.

I still haven't committed to voting in the presidential race. I live in Minnesota, so it doesn't matter. If I lived in Ohio, things would be different. As it stands, we'll just take it day by day. Perhaps I'll decide when I'm standing in the voting booth. I really, really despise Obama, so there is that.

Anonymous said...

As a longtime Romney guy, any old feelings of rivalry against Palin and her peeps on our side are long gone. We have no reason to stir the pot, as you accuse us of, Wingnut. In court, it is hard to win a case without providing motive. --Abe in TX

Right Wingnut said...

Abe, All you need to do is read the three posts by J (Jared) that were posted on the topic at hand. The evidence is clear. His motive is his hate for Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

RW wassup man! We're all in this together! Dont let the few knuckleheads get you down, I support Romney but have no beef with Palin, she supports the nominee and thats all that matters. There will always be somebody out there spewing trash like this, its just a distraction.

Anonymous said...

So the anger and flack goes to the Romney supporters when in all reality it should go to the Palin supporters. They're the ones who started this whole charade. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Interesting that the author of this post (RWN) uses the term "serious supporters" of Palin but then affords no such distinction for the Romney supporters - apparently lumping them into one big pot, as if to blame all Romney supporters. Though I had no idea that there were "serious" and 'non-serious" supporters of any politician.

Truly, I've never seen a bigger mole hill.


Anonymous said...

1 or 2 Romney supporters dont speak for the rest of us..I can think of a few Palin fans myself who speak nothing but trash towards gov Romney, but I wont suggest that's the case for all Palin fans.
Anyways this is silly talk, keep it over there at C4P, not even worth the time. Now its time to focus on the election at hand.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the C4Pers eating their own. They act as the gatekeeper for all things Palin when they probably have less than 100 posters on a good day. Who is the ZH100 dude that posts the same 10-20 comments every morning? Taking up a lot of bandwith there guy!

Doug NYC GOP said...


No misdirection at all. Both camps are steeped in "conspiracy theories" about slights against their respective candiates.

Both camps are populated, in higher proportions than other candidates, with the fringe elements of the party. These folks always tend see things occuring or not occurring, as malevolent plots against their guy or gal.

The Palin camp especially always seem to get themselves bogged down ion these hyper-emotional types of "Woe is me, everyone is so unfair to Sarah" disputes.

That's what I find so sophmoric. No one in the real world gives two bits about this story. In fact, I doubt anyone outside of the blogosphere even knows this issue -if indeed it even is an issue - exists.

In any event, it was good to hear Palin advise that caller to vote for Romney and it was refreshing to hear her do it without sounding as if she was being forced to.

Right Wingnut said...


All camps have their share of those folks. Jared is a prime example. Take a gander at the chat box to your right every once in awhile for others. C4P doesn't have anyone nearly as nuts as the two individuals I'm referring to. In addition, if I had a dollar for every time a Romney supporter claimed that Fox News was anti-Romney, I could afford a place in NYC. :)

Doug NYC GOP said...

Why was this bumped up?

Is there really anything further to add to this insignificant and inane non-issue?

Perfect example of what I said in paragraph 3 just above.

New day, new posts.

Right Wingnut said...

Anon at 3:10, I guess I would have to ask why you frequent the site on a daily basis. Sounds like some sort of obsession to me. There are specialists out there who can help you with that.

Right Wingnut said...

Doug, I bumped it because Bosman had 11 posts scheduled for this morning....all videos and polls. Nobody ever comments on those. I'm not going to spend time putting a post together only to have it buried in an avalanche of polls and videos. If Bosman objects, he can change it back.

Right Wingnut said...

In addition, we still haven't heard from Jared. He claimed to be working on a response to the Palin community. He's more than welcome to weigh in here as well.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should stalk J a little more...his address? phone #?

go back to your fanboi site which is your comfort zone and dont dare say anything against your goddess...

seek help..

Anonymous said...

This whole story was silly from day one because love her or hate her, she isn't stupid. She would have never agreed to do any of these behind the scenes games because let's face it, there is no way that anyone is going to derail the nominee. Hence, it was not even newsworthy as the story never really had any legs and/or validity. It was much ado about nothing. In my opinion, the original story should have never been posted.

BOSMAN said...


I bounced your post back in front of the polls I posted last night.

I put it behind THOSE FOLKS who have been working to get Romney elected since IT'S OBVIOUS he was going to be the nominee.

I guess you could say, In ORDER OF IMPORTANCE.

Right Wingnut said...


That's great, but why haven't the readers commented about those videos? Do the regulars even watch them, or is mostly Google traffic?

BOSMAN said...

They watch them HERE. That's what's important.

Machtyn said...

Quick comment to put my voice in here.

I am grateful that Palin is on board and supporting Romney. I'm not going rehash the Primary right now because that is divisive. That is exactly why we have various articles that crop up about Republican division - the Democrats would love to have the Palinistas and Paulites stay home and allow Obama to create a socialized market based economy with a centralized government.

That a Palinista had to actually ask her what they should do does indicate the mixed messages she has sent to her supports for over 12 months now. (Is she running, is she out. Is she trying for a brokered convention or is she supporting Romney?) The answer has been sufficiently given now, so let's Romney supporters lay off her and her supporters.

Anonymous said...

RW...nice post man...33 comments baby! Thanks for livening up the chat around here again. Nice having some dialogue with you again.

No need to feel any pressure to vote for Romney...you have your reasons.


Diana Rae said...

Another Conspiracy by ABC news I guess?

Palin & some RNC members push for Convention Floor Fight


Right Wingnut said...


That's in regards to the rule changes being rammed down the delegates throats by Romney and the corrupt GOPe. I suggest you visit Redstate, michellemalkin.com, and Hotair to learn more. You're right. That one is not a conspiracy. Rush talked about it all day. People are furious.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before...mountain out of a mole hill.

Romney just went over the top in votes on the floor just moments ago.


cimbri said...

Glad she's on board, but her new position is purely to protect any future she may have in the Republican Party. She started the brokered convention rumors herself some months back. She was definitely testing the waters to see if she could steal the nomination without having to go through the laborious process. But, that's water under the bridge and I'm glad to hear she supports the ticket.