Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan event in DesMoines, Iowa (Full Video 08-13-12)

On the soapbox today, GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan told Iowans that the president is making the economy worse.

“We ought to stop spending money we don’t have,” Ryan told a crowd of thousands packed around The Des Moines Register soapbox at the Iowa State Fair. “President Obama has given us four years of trillion-dollar-plus deficits. He’s making matters worse, and he’s spending our children into a diminished future.”

The audience of more than 3,000, many holding up Romney campaign signs, hooted and cheered, but a handful of protesters shouted at him about cutting Medicare and “the war on the poor.” It was an intense 12-minute speech, with much shouting and Iowa State Patrol officers dispatched into the crowd several times to quell unruly behavior. One protester struck a woman in the crowd in the face.
The full story is HERE and the video below:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Congressman Ryan for that great speech. I am sorry u had to deal with these left wing nuts. - David