Friday, August 3, 2012

Mitt Romney tells Harry Reid, 'Put up or shut up' on Sean Hannity's Radio Show (Full interview 03-02-12)

Mitt Romney lashed back at Harry Reid on Thursday in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, saying the Senate majority leader needs to "put up or shut up" after airing allegations about Romney's taxes.

Reid, a Nevada Democrat, first raised eyebrows Tuesday by saying in a news interview that someone had told him Romney went 10 years without paying taxes. He would only identify his source as an investor in Romney's former venture capital firm, Bain Capital, and he acknowledged, "I'm not certain" it's true.

That didn't stop Reid from taking to the Senate floor Thursday to accuse the Republican presidential candidate again of paying no taxes, part of a broader Democratic attack on Romney for declining to release more than two years of tax documents.
The full story is HERE and the interview below:

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Terrye said...

Harry Reid is just despicable.

Anonymous said...

Harry, you're done. Go home and get back to reality. Politics has made you an old, mean, cunning, back stabbing politician. You can't get anything done. No budget. Now you attack a fellow LDS. Apology would be appreciated. Nevada has been shamed. We are done with you.