Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mitt Romney event in Elk Grove Village, Illinois (Video 08-07-12)

Romney had an event at Acme Industries in Elk Grove Village, Ill:

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Truth lover said...

It was a great event! Gov Romney is very aware of things going on in Illinois. He related stories about Jimmy John's and the liason between Harper College and Acme Industries!

Anonymous said...

Mitt is wicked smart.......God please bless us with Mitt Romney on Tuesday night November 6th...

newark hawk said...

@ Anonymous 5:15 PM

Don't worry, Romney is going to win.

The only thing that concerns me is his margin of victory and down-ticket coattails in the House & Senate.

Given the state of the economy, Romney should win by at least a 10-point margin.

But only if he plays his cards right.

I'm starting to have my doubts.