Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mitt Romney event in Chillicothe, Ohio (Full Video 08-14-12)

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Spencer said...

The Obama campaign says that Romney looked "unhinged" in this speech. If so, I didn't see it. I saw the man that is securely hinged and about to slam the door on the 4 years of misery.

Anonymous said...

that was a strong speech. the obama campaign is scared and they should be. everything he said was true and goes right to what the voters really care about.

Anonymous said...

If Romney/Ryan are elected, the miners will be in a much more dangerous work environment. They want to do away with regulations, safety codes, NLRB, etc. They don't give a DAMN about you and me, unless you are a part of the 1%.

They want to privatize Social Security and Medicare. Their plan will cost Seniors $6,000 more than the current plan.

They are anti-woman and support doing away with most forms of birth control, and Ryan is trying to weaken VAWA and is against abortion even in cases of rape, incest, and a threat to the mother’s life.

Romney endorsed by 110% Ohio John Kasich’s SB5/Issue 2 anti-public union worker legislation. Romney/Ryan want to do away with the right to collectively bargain - they support Right to Work laws. They are against miners and ALL workers! They support doubling the interest on student loans. They support fracking!

Ryan supports the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Romney wants to give $200,000 tax breaks for the wealthy and increase taxes for the 99%. They do not support Pell Grants, want to do away with NPR, EPA regulations, support fracking, and favor Right to Work laws. Want to gut the budget items that make America strong and will continue to do everything he can to cater to the Koch Brothers/ALEC who consider Ryan their up and coming star. Dick Chaney stated that he "worshiped the ground Paul Ryan walked on". Now, would you really trust Dick's idea of a good VP?


BOSMAN said...

Anon 02:


It's fun to read the post of someone DELUSIONAL every so often...It makes one feel superior... intellectually.

Tony said...

Hey Mr or Ms Anonymous! shouldn't you be out marching somewhere assaulting old ladies and breaking windows causing public chaos? Take your socialist opinion and shove it where the sun don't shine! Pack your bags and go to china where they value opinions like yours! You coolaid drinking liberal good for nothing waste of good space. This is America We wont take it anymore! People like you have no future here We are motivated and ready to win back The United States Of America that we can be proud of.

jrterrier5 said...

Wow, Romney was great. does anyone have the text of the speech.

Joe Tenn said...

Thanks Anonymous,

You are proof of why we need to reform our public education system.

Guess you think Joe Biden is a genius!

Joe Tenn said...

Oh, and the miners sure will be safer under Obama BECAUSE THEY WON"T HAVE A JOB MINING COAL. They will be collecting unemployment checks!

Anonymous said...

Clearly you don't know much about Romney. Repeating the attack ads from the Obama campaign shows toy can't think for yourself.
I was at last night's rally. Romney was strong and far from "unhinged."

newark hawk said...

@ Anonymous 2:02 PM

You accuse Romney of threatening the safety of miners?

A British Petroleum drilling rig blew up in the Gulf of Mexico 2 years ago because Obama and his environmentalist pals prevented it from drilling in shallower, safer waters.

That explosion left 11 dead & 17 injured.

Obama has blood on his hands.

Not Romney.

PS - The rest of your post is equally idiotic, but I have far better things to do with my time than itemize your idiocy point by point by point.