Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mitt & Ann Romney interviews on 'Fox News Sunday' (BOTH interviews 08-26-12)

PART 1: Mitt sits down with Chris Wallace, one-on-one:

PART 2: In This Interview Chris Wallace visits Mitt, Ann, and the Family at their place in Wolfeboro, NH:

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lovely experience to be with the Romney's at their house. The chore wheel was great. I'd have more washing machines like they do if I could. Romney's trick with his dog was cool.

I would love to have Ann and Mitt and their family in our White House.

Obama is the one who's 'out of touch.' No American says stuff like, "You didn't build that."

I really dislike how unaccomplished Obama is, but he's ready to belittle and insult Romney about anything like dog care, to bizarre claims that Romney is a felon. What a maroon, as bugs bunny would say.

Obama is a do nothing, because he doesn't want to do what the American people want. He's a bully and a Chicago thug. Rahm Emanuel and Eric Holder are the tip of the iceberg regarding the hiding Obama does about who he is.

Obama spends millions to seal his records. That is a fact and a dead give away that he's the one we'd never vote for if we knew him. But he keeps insulting the most qualified candidate in 50 years.
Obama is a ridiculous hypocrite.

I hear Romney say he loves America very often. And I feel how much he does love America every time he says it.