Saturday, August 11, 2012

John Sununu interview with Laura Ingraham (Full Interview 09-10-12)

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Anonymous said...

Laura Ingraham has not liked Romney for whatever reason (Santorum or Gingrich?). They both got beat by Romney.

Now she is Debbie Downer because of it. Historically Reagan was running behind Carter at this time in his campaign and we know what happened then.

Lots of needles hand wringing going on.

Anonymous said...

Laura is showing her obvious bias towards the nominee. Laura has always had this bias. Laura needs to look at how the nominee crushed his opponents in the primary despite trailing in the polls week after week. It is not unusual for the incumbent in any race to have the early lead, nothing new. I fully expect the nominee to get aggressive in the next several weeks leading election day. People like Laura and others like her in their lofty give themselves too much credit. They are not all-knowing and they certainly don't reflect the opinions of all conservatives.