Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cardinal Dolan to deliver the benediction at Tampa GOP Convention..gets the cold shoulder from the DNC

Mitt Romney proudly announced in an interview with EWTN that Cardinal Dolan would deliver the benediction after Romney's acceptance speech. I guess that must have hit a nerve with the DNC
President Obama turned down a chance to have Timothy Cardinal Dolan deliver a prayer at the Democratic National Convention after Dolan told Democrats he would be “grateful” to deliver a blessing in Charlotte.

Dolan — considered the top Catholic official in the nation, as head of the Archdiocese of New York and president of the Conference of Catholic Bishops — tipped off Democrats a few weeks ago that he had agreed to deliver the prime-time benediction at the Republican convention in Tampa next week, Dolan’s spokesman Joseph Zwilling told The Post.

“The Republicans are smart enough to get the ‘pope of America,’ and the Democrats are stupid enough not to invite him,” said Bill Donohue, of the Catholic League, who said he spoke with Dolan yesterday.

“The Catholic vote is the most critical vote. They’re the wild card,” Donohue told The Post. “So, why wouldn’t you ingratiate yourself to the pope of America and send a wink and a nod to Catholics? That’s just good politics.”
Read the whole story HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Obama believes his own ideas.

BOSMAN said...

Big mistake bu Obama.

This is being talked about in Catholic circles.

Like Bill Donohue said, this is "America's Pope".