Tuesday, July 31, 2012

VP Watch: VA Gov. Bob McDonnell Talks Immigration and Auditing the Fed with the Washington Times (Video 07-29-12)

You can read the related article HERE.

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Lori Patriot said...

Encouraging. Nice man that would be perceived as just like Mitt. We need to hold on to the Oval to get the fraud out and that will takes 3 or 4 terms of Republicans in control NOT democRATS. in 8 years, the country will have even more illegals and Socialists from other failed bankrupted states here. We need a sure thing and a man who will stand up to the Muslim radicals that have overshadowed any moderate voices n Islam leadership.

Obama, despite everything, is still polling well with clueless brainwashed young people and the ever growing illegal population. Gov McConnell will have trouble staying in office in 2020 in my opinion.

Mitt will have trouble in 2016 because the measures that will be required will not be pleasant. We all have to roll up our sleeves and ride through Obama's Depression fall out.