Monday, July 16, 2012

VP Watch: Paul Ryan on CBS's 'Face The Nation' (Full Interview 07-15-12)

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Terrye said...

Notice what good old Bob said here...on one hand he wants Romney to be more specific...on the other he did not even know that Romney's economic plan had 59 points rather than 58. These people are so lazy.

leighrow said...

It is all about the media and I know, and everyone else on this board knows that ROmney has a plan and has been more specific than old Obama was in 2008 with hope and change and this year with, "throw anything at the wall and see if it sticks campaign."

This is where I am very critical of Romney. Romney should know that all major media from news to entertainment media are carrying Obama's water so if Romney just sits back and does nothing then I fear it will be impossible and too late to counter Obama's punches effectively. Romney will always be playing catchup and will always be on the defensive.

Romney really needs some top marketing people on his campaign to effectively get his messaging out.