Sunday, July 15, 2012

VP Watch: Ohio Sen Rob Portman gives the weekly GOP Address (Full address 07-14-12)

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Ohio JOE said...

I hope it is not this guy.

Anonymous said...

Portman is so NOT the right VP pick for Mitt. This is the longest I've ever heard Portman speak, and I could hardly wait for the segment to end. I literally cleaned out my inbox while he was droning on in placid tones about the burning issues confronting our country.

Of course I don't want a reckless bomb-thrower for the VP nominee, but we need much more energy on the ticket than Portman can deliver. He just doesn't have the talent to complement Mitt in a cut-throat national political run. Too much is at stake to take a risk on the blandness of Portman. No doubt he's a good, smart, accomplished man with an impressive D.C. resume. That won't cut it this election if voters have already changed the channel after 15-20 seconds of hearing him speak.

Mitt can and must do better. If Portman is so gifted, find him a place in the Romney administration. But why would Mitt put a critical GOP Senate seat at risk in exchange for a bland VP running mate? Doesn't make sense to me. It's also very hard to believe that Portman will be the deciding factor in delivering Ohio for Mitt.