Wednesday, July 18, 2012

VP WATCH: If it's Portman, it will be announced today...

Atleast that's What I'm thinking.

Romney has an event today at Bowling Green, Ohio At 1-1:15 PM LOCAL TIME.

Now let's play detective:

Look for Portman and at least his wife (if his kids are there also, IT's OVER) to be at the event.

I'll try to have a feed embedded below IF POSSIBLE. At Least Our reliable pop-up feeds (especially feeds 1-3) should be covering the event as well.

If Romney DOESN'T announce Portman today, I believe he won't announce him later either:

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Anonymous said...

I've said it once and I'll say it again. Romney is wise.

And it would be unwise for Romney to announce his VP this week. The thunder of the announcement will be drown out by the Olympics in London beginning. No one will be watching Foxnews for two weeks - it'll be NBC for all. If he announces this week he loses a golden opportunity to keep people talking about his campaign. Not to mention if he were to announce this week it should have been yesterday at the latest - as the weekend draws closer he loses valuable media time before the Olympics.

On the other hand, if he pulls a McCain and chooses a linguistically challenged Palin-type then perhaps this week would be a good time to announce.


Lori Patriot said...

This pick will ensure that we don't hold onto the Oval after Mitt's 8 years. We can't fix America by passing power left than right every 4 to 8 years. The Republican party will die out without more young blood. BIG MISTAKE if the base who flipped the House in 2010 and has been the most active, is in essence given the finger. Republicans are so afraid of the activists citizens in the tea party (a citizen oversight committee) that they ONCE AGAIN have slit their own throats by not listening to the people. No pale pastels. Bold colors.

leighrow said...

Lori Patriot

I agree that is why Rubio would be the best choice. If Romney wins and Rubio is VP...the hispanic community in 8 years would love to see the US's first hispanic president.

Rubio is a solid conservative who really knows what it is like to come from nothing. He would add balance to the ticket.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, people. We're getting a little ahead of ourselves, don't you think? I don't doubt your patriotic desire to ensure a Romney legacy--a strong conservative vector in American policy and politics--that carries us past his two terms as President. But life doesn't work that way. Anything--ANYTHING--can happen before Romney's first term is up, much less his second.

Pick the VP on the basis of his/her being ready to BE PRESIDENT ON DAY ONE of Romney's first term. That's what Mitt said he would do, and that's what he must do for the good of the country.

Based on that criterion, I have no idea who his VP pick will be. I will confess to a great reluctance to see a person who is only in his/her early 40's selected as next in line for Commander-in-Chief and leader of the free world. This factor alone makes Rubio, Ryan, and Jindal less than ideal candidates in my mind. They are about the age as Romney's oldest son, and they look it. Can't we give them at least 10 more years to show what they can do as mature men who've confronted the struggles and downturns of middle age--and emerged as even more confident, accomplished conservative leaders?

Anonymous said...

I think you guys should stop counting on his first term... this race does not look good for Romney yet. I agree with Bosman's post from the other day... somebody on his team... including himself needs to start attacking. He's not going to win by turning the other cheek... he's not going to win by picking Pawlenty or Portman. The average voter hasn't even begun considering the election and if you think these Bain attacks are going to stop or that a new angle won't be created then you guys are in for a big surprise. Hopefully one or two of you... when this process is over will finally admit how ridiculous Palin's been treated when you see how Romney will be treated by November... he will be made to look like the laughing stock... you can count on that.


Anonymous said...

No one is disagreeing that the liberal MO is to make the Republicans look like baffoons. Hence their attempts to make a successful businessman into a villain. The difference is that with Palin - they were actually just pointing out the truth, rather than just making it up!