Monday, July 2, 2012

VP Watch: Bobby Jindal vs. Howard Dean on 'Meet The Press' (full Video 07-01-12)

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newark hawk said...

Bobby Jindal is a very smart, very articulate, very accomplished, very popular 2-term governor of Louisiana.

Had Jindal endorsed Romney instead of Rick Perry during the GOP primaries, he would probably be Romney's top choice for VP.

Jindal must be kicking himself for that boneheaded decision.

newark hawk said...

And I bet Jim Demint is kicking himself as well for not endorsing Romney during the GOP primaries, because he too could have been Romney's VP.

newark hawk said...

Romney will announce his VP choice within the next 2 weeks, IMHO, perhaps on July 4th for symbolic purposes.

I will be shocked if that choice is not Bob "FOR JOBS" McDonnell, the highly qualified, highly articulate, highly popular governor of Virginia.

McDonnell reinforces and doubles down on Romney's message of creating jobs, cutting taxes, cutting spending, cutting regulations and balancing the budget.

Of course, the fact that McDonnell is governor of what is quite possibly the most important swing state of the 2012 election certainly doesn't hurt his chances of becoming Romney's running mate.

Anonymous said...

I'm still for ryan. I don't think it will be rubio.