Monday, July 16, 2012

Rasmussen Poll: It's Time to take the gloves off...IF WE WANT ROMNEY TO WIN!

(Previous results from May 21)

Generally speaking, is Mitt Romney’s track record in business primarily a reason to vote for him or vote against him?

Reason to vote for him 41% (44%)
Reason to vote against him 41% (33%)
Not sure 18% (22%)

With Independents:

Reason to vote for him 40% (48%)
Reason to vote against him 37% (25%)
Not sure 23% (27%)
A survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted July 13-14, 2012. The MOE is +/-3.
The full story is HERE.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which way these numbers are heading.

I've been involved in Politics for the past 40+ years. I've run a few campaigns along the way and I CAN TELL YOU THIS.....THE GLOVES NEED TO COME OFF ON OUR SIDE!....And REAL SOON

Romney supporters need to get an attitude change and DO IT QUICKLY! Stop being reserved when it comes to how you attack the President and his record.

I don't care if you feel Obama is a nice guy...keep it to yourself.
I don't want to hear what YOU THINK Team Romney is planning down the road...ACTIONS speak louder than words. Right now Romney's getting his ass kicked. We need more John Sununu's at the top of the team.

It's time to start approaching this race LIKE DEMOCRATS. THE HELL WITH FACTS. Stop worrying about hurt feelings or whether something is 100% correct or not...PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING...If we can create PERCEPTIONS of Obama having done something wrong, then run with it. Let Obama's supporters prove otherwise. The best defense is an offense.

TEAM ROMNEY needs to zero in on Obama's Jugular, then sever it. Simply declaring one's indignation over Obama's tactics may win praise from Emily Post, but it won't stop the problem or win an election. We need the Romney back that kicked the collective asses of his GOP opponents and smiled while doing it....WHERE IS HE?


cimbri said...

I agree Bosman. Romney needs to quit showing respect for the 'presidency'. Screw that. We need talk like Sununu is doing right now on Megan Kelly.

Anonymous said...

So much for the indi vote.

They seem to believe what Obama is saying about Romney.

I agree, time to attack.

Sal M said...

Why hasn't anyone brought back the Bill Ayers stuff and Obama's Socialist affiliations.

Who cares if it's old news.

The socialists want our economy to fail. We need to accuse Obama of deliberately following that path.

Machtyn said...

Perception IS everything. And who controls the outlets of perception? The Leftist media.

If Mitt were to get unfactual, or misrepresent some facts, the media will come down on him like no one else. They've already let Obama slide on so many things, Mitt will get it like the fury of hell.

The fortunate thing for us is that we have facts on our side. Unfortunately, the facts are boring and mundane in some cases. Or they are so outlandish that people wouldn't believe the guy of "Hope and Change" would actually be hoping for the change of America into a socialist regime. Obama is as unpatriotic as they come with his attitude and actions toward the USA, but the People, 47% anyway, just aren't seeing it.

Anonymous said...

sorry Romney folks, Obama will win.

Anonymous said...

Machtyn,I completely agree. The media controls the dialogue,momentum and trends. The media with the exception of Fox completely ignored Obama's Warrenesque speech in Virgina on Friday with regards to small businesses didn't make it on their own. If the mainstream media and entertainment media ignores Obama's record,beliefs and gaffes, then how is Romney suppose to reach the people with the truth?

Anonymous said...

I am also getting fed up with the GOP governor in AL,George Will Bill Kristol agreeing with the left that Romney should show his records. How does this help the GOP form a united front? Now we have Sarah Palin fans whining about speaking at the convention. It seems to me that we have all of these GOP pundits who are out for themselves and they could care less if Obama gets reelected. They actually probably would like that if they wish to run in 2016.

Romney would be nuts to give more than 2 years of taxes to the Chicago Mob.


The disinterested, low information undecided voters who will determine the final outcome of this election don't make up their minds in July about whom they're voting for.

They only begin to make up their minds when the DNC & RNC hold their nominating conventions in late-August/early-September, and continue to do so until election day.

Most, if not all, of the presidential campaign chatter prior to that is "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"* ..... except to the political junkies like you and me who made up their minds about who they're voting for a long time ago.

Team Romney is fully aware of this time-tested fact of presidential politics, and are acting accordingly.

* 'Macbeth'(Act V, Scene V)

Terrye said...

I wonder about some of these polls..I saw a poll the other day. I think it was the Washington Post poll that had Independents abandoning Obama. I read about it at Hot Air.

Maybe it has to do with the way the questions are asked.

Terrye said...

leighrow..I saw a story in which the Governor of Alabama said he never said that Romney should release more tax forms. He was miffed that anyone said he did say that.

Terrye said...

Bosman, I think Romney has been a lot more aggressive today. I think he is going to get tougher.

Anonymous said...

Terrye-Thanks Terrye for correcting my mistake. I heard this on a Sunday news program. I agree that Romney seemed to be much stronger today in his rebuttal. I think people,like me are really getting edgy with the thought of 4 more years of Obama...I personally do not think our country could survive that from a fiscal point of view.

BOSMAN said...

As some probably know, Right Speak belongs to over 30 groups on Facebook.

Here are some of the comments from folks displaying MRC badges:

"Obama really isn't a bad person"

On Obama's Anti-Business comments, "the quotes were taken out of context"

Another complaining that someone posted the same pro-Romney article more than once

Another slamming Democrats for dirty politics and stating she's glad Republicans are staying above the frey.

This is their PRIORITIES?

I want to kick Obama;s ass, and the average Romney supporter wants to talk me out of it.


Until Team Romney and the deep thinking Romney supporters REALIZE THIS, we will continue to lose ground.

I'm getting FED UP with the namby pamby folks that are afraid to get a little dirty to get our guy elected.

Anonymous said...

BOSMAN-The comment that is making me ill and sick to my stomach is the one,"obama is a nice guy"!

Obama is not a nice guy! He is a deceptive liar. He has been caught lying many times..specifically regarding the healthcare program and more recently the Bain attacks. He formed an enemy's list targeting Romney's big donors. WSJ did a story on his enemy's list. These are not the actions of a nice guy!

Republicans who reference Obama as a nice guy should be ridiculed. I believe Romney is now over this "obama is a nice guy" phase.

Obama is an arrogant narcissistic thin skinned bully who feels that he is above the law. If he does not like Clinton's welfare reform...he simply waives the work aspect of the bill. If he does not like US immigration law...he simply ignores it.

Obama's ideology is more closely aligned to Hugo Chavez. No wonder movie stars like Sean Penn love Obama.

Terrye said...

Romney has pretty much given up on Obama being a nice guy..I do not think he believed that anyway. I think he said it so that all those disappointed Obama voters out there who do not like to be told they were stupid..would vote for Romney..the idea being that people are more likely to respond to be told they made a mistake and voted for a guy who is in over his head rather than being told you screwed up you idiots!

Anonymous said...


Has Romney not won anything before? Has he not run a campaign before? Is he incompetent?

Does he not love this country? Is he not a great leader?

Then let him lead. You spew words out and he makes things happen. Relax. Romney knows what he is doing.


Obama does indeed come across as "a nice guy" to most American voters, regardless of whether he really is a nice guy or not.

Romney would not gain any points with the electorate by trashing Obama personally.

Quite the contrary, it would alienate millions of undecided voters who actually like Obama (but not his policies).

Romney's mantra that "Obama is a nice guy, but he's just in over his head" is the perfect appeal to those all-important undecided voters, who believe it or not, don't hate Obama like so many of us do.


To those Romney supporters who are looking for the nearest bridge or tall building to jump off of, this article should calm your nerves considerably ...

Google it if necessary.

Anonymous said...

I can see both sides of the argument on whether to attack and whether to not attack. I can understand that Romney has to be careful when he attacks because his unfavorables are greater than Obama's unfavorables and when he attacks it has to be above the junkyard dog attacks (which seems to be the hallmark of the Obama campaign).

I agree with Dick Morris that Romney needs to aggressively attack back by using all of his success stories at Bain. Romney really in essence needs to sell Bain and why companies like Bain are a very important part of a free enterprise system.He needs to run Bain stories with personal profiles.

We need private investors who take a risk on the failing companies and new ventures. Bain's record was an 80% success rate and according to my cousin who is a venture capitalist that is an incredible metric.

If Bain is so bad then why are Obama's bundlers Bain partners??

Morris stated that Romney really needs to reel the Bain story in before the convention. Romney really needs to hit Bain hard and get the real story to the American people. Romney could do this without attacking but provide the people with the complete record of Bain. I believe Morris is 100% right!

I also heard rumors that Romney is thinking of selecting Pawlenty and I like Pawlenty(I live in MN) but he is really bland..I can't see that translating into tipping swing states like a Rubio VP selection.

BOSMAN said...

Anon :36,

"Has Romney not won anything before? Has he not run a campaign before? Is he incompetent?

Does he not love this country? Is he not a great leader?

Then let him lead. You spew words out and he makes things happen. Relax. Romney knows what he is doing."

Lets see now, "Has Romney not won anything before?" I don't know what your getting at but I'll play. If you don't count 1994 & 2008......NO!

"Does he not love this country? Is he not a great leader?" What the hell does that have to do with anything? He can be both those things and still be on offense.

BTW...Mitt doesn't need more CHEER LEADERS...he needs some constructive criticism. Some of the latest polls over the past week show that independents may be buying into this Bain bull shit. It's not going to go away by itself. It will ONLY go away if/when a bigger issue comes to light about Obama that the media CAN'T IGNORE. Let's hope he and his advisers are working on it. Let's also hope all those who did the research/tv ads on Gingrich, Santorum, and Perry are still on his payroll.

Anonymous said...

why erase my comment bosman? Because I pointed out how you are panicking? hahahaha

Right Wingnut said...


Would you agree that Team Romney is partially responsible due to their fumbling of the timeline? I think the controversy over when he left is plain silly, but going back to 2002, his statements have been all over the map on this.

Right Wingnut said...

It's kind of like that fool you have running for Senate in your state and whether or not she's a Native American. I don't care what race she is, but I do care about the ever-changing stories.

Right Wingnut said...

He's had 10 years to prepare for this campaign. How did that one get overlooked?