Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Profile in Courage: Colonel Allen West

It is so refreshing to see & hear Florida Congressman & ex Marine, Colonel Allen West in this Hannity video. This man has consistently spoken out on the issues of the campaign with unwavering speeches pointing out the ills of the "Great Entitlement Society," while promoting conservative principles & totally ignoring any political downside or liberal MSM attacks on him. This earns him a Profile in Courage as he continues with his messaging of entrepreneurship, capitalism, and outlining of a bold plan of action. This man has the "right stuff."

Here's the great video interview; note well the part between 4:00 minutes til the end. Bravo Colonel, I'd follow you into hell to reclaim freedom & liberty for the United States! Fortune does favor the bold as it always has for great military & political leaders throughout history. I agree wholeheartedly with Gov. Palin in her recommendation of Allen West as the VP pick for the GOP ticket. He has earned our respect as he goes about his daily work, Semper Fidelis.

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Machtyn said...

Allen West has certainly been the face of courage and bravery over the past few weeks. He has really put the Democrats, the liberals, the hypocrites and liars in their place on various occasions.

Ohio JOE said...

Great post! By writting this post, you have shown courage by being willing to stand up to the Generalismo.

Right Wingnut said...

OJ, the Generalismo hasn't shown his cowardly-ass face around here since the Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt.