Sunday, July 15, 2012

President Obama: SERIAL LIAR and Chief


Does anyone know what the record is for the amount lies someone can string continuously together in under 2 minutes?

Probably something that the Guinness World Records should look into.

I'm sure there a criminals in state and Federal Prisons that have strung a few together during their life times, but what about a trusted public official?...What about someone who is supposed to be an example to us all?...What about someone who is asking American's to put their faith in him for the most important and influential job in the world?...What if the President was proven to be a SERIAL LIAR?

What's that saying?..."Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me"....Fool me ALL THE TIME?

Can anyone take seriously ANYTHING President Obama SAYS?....About anything?....About ANYONE?

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Anonymous said...

I fell over watching this video. How can this race even be close. How can Obama be the attacker when it comes to transparency. Romney needs to rub Obama's face in his!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where these lies or promises?

Anonymous said...

"Where these lies or promises?"

Who cares?

If they were promises, It's even worse

Anonymous said...

Lies or promises..he had complete control over the transparency is not like he was in no position to control the direction or course of events. He deliberately froze out the GOP's ideas on healthcare. I still remember Reid behind closed doors with the hacks writing the healthcare bill. Fast and furious...he decided plead executive privilege..the very same thing he criticized Bush for doing regarding Valerie Plame. Were all the meetings with SEIU union bosses and Trumka taped and documented? What about the big Pharma emails where he cut a deal for their support he would restrict foreign cheaper pharmaceuticals?

Anonymous said...

Someone is actually keeping track ofthem.

newark hawk said...

The Dems get away with their non-stop lies & propaganda because they dominate the mass media - aka "the public airwaves" - which FDR & Congressional Dems hijacked with the Communications Act of 1934, an Orwellian nightmare if there ever was one.

Just as they stacked the courts with liberal judges over the years, the Dems stacked the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) with liberal commissioners(czars), while the Repubs, as usual, sucked their thumbs.

Every election cycle the liberal mass media provides the Dems with literally billions of dollars worth of free advertising( propaganda).

If it weren't for the utter incompetence of modern-day Dems, they would never lose an election.

Anonymous said...

Newark-I completely agree and that is why Romney has to be more media savvy and aggressive.

Anonymous said...

The way things are going,Romney will lose and Obama and his professional staff are laughing all the way to the bank. Obama has played it perfectly, keep the issue on Bain and Romney's tax returns and no need to talk of the economy. Romney team is slow to react, counter attack and have no idea what the hell they are doing. Keep raising all that money, money doesnt buy or guarantee a win. I voted for Newt Gingrich and at least he would be relentlessly tearing Obama a new one right now, Romney hides and finally is forced to react to the Bain and tax issues and still does a piss poor job. Romney was so great at negatively attacking his GOP rivals but slow and shaky in going after Obama. 4 more years of hell with Obama if Romney cant turn it around. Shit! This pisses me off!!

Anonymous said...

Annonymous 1048

Romney needs to hire a top notch marketing guy like Axelrod. Axelrod knows marketing and branding and that was the strength of Obama's campaign in 2008 and that is his strength now. I am somewhat surprised that the GOP and Romney can't see this glaring fact! Marketing is everything. How many great products have not sold due to poor marketing and how many substandard products took off due to great marketing?

Anonymous said...

To add to my comment above, Romney needs to stop being too damn nice and polite, are you seriously going to ask Obama for an apology? "Oh gosh, he needs to apologize"?...Mitt you said yourself there is no whining in politics and you sure have been whining these last few days and its embarrassing to the party. Hire some real pros Mitt, kick Fehrnstrom, Andrea Saul, Gitcho out! Its a bog boys game now, and leaking Condileeza Rice as possible VP will not change the subject, you know damn well you are going with Portman or Pawlenty, go with Rubio and you will have a chance.

Anonymous said...

annonymous 10:57

I couldn't agree more!! Romney needs to change up and go with Rubio or Christie.

Romney's latest handling of this Bain incident is downright embarrassing. Maybe Romney should drop out and let someone like Christie, a pit bull run against Obama!

Romney has said nothing about all of the 21 new taxes in Obamacare that will impact small business and the middle class. Is he that detached from the average person???

I have been a Romney supporter since 2007 and I am disgusted at how he is letting Obama and Axelrod walk all over him.

Politics is a blood sport and if Romney does not have the stomach for it he needs to exit quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He should demote and fire his team and bring in the A team with the political killer instincts!This election will change the course of American history forever. We will either be overtaxed European Socialists or FREE Americans!

newark hawk said...

Relax folks.

The latest polls show Romney & Obama to be dead even.

Dead even despite the fact that the polls over-sample Democratic voters and under-sample Republican voters by 5-15%.

And dead even despite the fact that Obama has been outspending Romney on TV & radio ads by a 3:1 margin, while Romney builds a far bigger war chest.

Just as he did so effectively during the GOP primaries, Romney is keeping his powder dry until "winning time" - the final 30-60 days of the race - when he'll come out with all guns blazing.

In the meantime, Romney is playing rope-a-dope while Obama punches himself out.

Anonymous said...

Newark- I am familiar with that argument but Romney has to be concerned with the DNC defining him as an out of touch whiny rich guy before the race even gets started.

Romney has to realize that Axelrod is the king of else do you think Obama could get elected running against Hilary Clinton? Romney can not underestimate the power of a solid cohesive marketing campaign that weaves a story and an image!

newark hawk said...

@ leighrow

The only candidate being "defined" is Obama - defined as a LIAR who will do & say anything to try to stay in power.

Team Romney already has TV ads exposing Obama's lies, one of which concludes with Hillary Clinton saying "Shame on you, Barack Obama!!!"

When these ads hit the airwaves in September & October, if not sooner, Obama is toast.

Team Romney will hoist Obama by his own petard.

You'll see.

Anonymous said...

Newark-I saw the ad and I didn't feel it was nearly as effective as Obama's ad where he has some union guy sobbing over his lost union job that is being played in battleground states. Forget the fact that Bain took the risk and came on board and extended the life of the company by 8 years instead of going bankrupt immediately. Forget about the fact that union contracts made it difficult for the US to compete against the Chinese.

Romney's team should have countered this ad immediately with an ad that depicted the actual events. These type of ads went unanswered for too long, in the battleground states and I fear they have made a lasting impression in places like Ohio. Romney really needs to step things up. He has to win Ohio and I certainly do not think Portman will help him there.

I am sorry if I am coming off as extremely critical but this country will become more like Venezuela if we have 4 more years of Obama.