Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitt Romney Speech from Poland (Full Video 07-31-12)

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Lionhead said...

While all the media hype focuses on Romney aide gaffes & endorsements from former leaders, what you didn't see was what the Polish people actually felt. Well, here it is.

The Friends of Liberty are everywhere as the end of the progressive era draws closer.

BOSMAN said...


....hahahaha...Paul could always move to Poland for that group of 2 or 3 hundred.

Indiana13 said...

wow, so they have misdirected people in Poland too huh? Well, the Paul people need to figure out that Mitt is the chosen nominee by the party faithful and stop causing trouble and wishing for destruction and de-construction.. get with the program Paul people!

Lori Patriot said...

The group was smaller than 300 and since 50% of Paul supporters are actually closet Commies posing as Paul supporters in order to throw the election to Comrade Obama, their showing up at this event is meaningless. The freedom loving people from around the world know that they will become slaves if Obama is not removed. He already has shown who he is for by scaling our nukes down to 1500 from 5000. Poland is not going to throw the election to Obama. Especially when Ron Paul's son endorsed Mitt and said he will do what needs to be done including auditing the Fed. http://video.foxnews.com/v/1679154504001/sen-rand-paul-gov-romney-is-right-there-with-us

This Mitt video shows that he knows how dire it is and what must be done. Get on the Mitt train or America as we know it is over. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKMDS4cB58U

Anonymous said...

Paul bots in poland. That's a joke just waiting to happen.

Lionhead said...

You folks completely miss the point by your baseless speculations. Instead of me explaining to you, why don't you just listen to their spokesperson.

Face it folks, your GOP is dying; by 2016 it will be just about dead. Folks all over the world are getting the Libertarian message of small gov't. This is fact.

What you've missed is the depth of commitment to Paul. If you hang out here, you'll be blindsided. They simply are not going to vote for Romney. Period.

Lionhead said...

Here's a comment for you:


Roughly translated it says:

To battle countrymen,
Not FOR ROMNEY, TA pipe,

@Lori P. "since 50% of Paul supporters are actually closet Commies posing as Paul supporters in order to throw the election to Comrade Obama, their showing up at this event is meaningless."

You better see this video Lori P; you are completely wrong. Here you are right: "The freedom loving people from around the world know that they will become slaves..." Yes, that's true, especially if Obama or Romney is elected. As their spokesman says, they are both the same. What part of that don't you understand?

BOSMAN said...


"They (Libertarians/Paulites) simply are not going to vote for Romney. Period."

I guess the majority of Republicans felt the same way about...Ron Paul...."PERIOD"

Or are you going to tell us now that Paul was somehow robbed of the nomination.

"By 2012" Ron Paul will be the memory...Not the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Now is time to united behind Mitt to defeat Obama,is not the time to divided for Paul,the primaries and the caucus was over and Paul was over too,now is Mitt momentum,let's get ready and march together to the white house and turn in the retire paper to Obama.

Lionhead said...

Bosman, to many bad & hurt feelings in the primary as you know. It just causes folks to "dig into" their positions. Romney miscalculated the cost of the conservative "crush." Now, he will pay the price.

No one was "robbed," but rules were changed, some received preferences, sometimes results were delayed. Whether one is for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, the fact is they will receive votes from both duopoly candidates. That percentage will likely tip the balance.

What amazes me is the reach of the libertarian movement into Poland & Italy. That took me by surprise. Enjoy the last hurrah for the GOP. 2016 brings the cycle change & the likely failure of either duopoly candidate. Ron Paul may be gone, but he will never be forgotten in history. Folks like Paul, von Mises, Hayek live on because the quest for liberty never ceases. Once you understand, you'll appreciate why some folks WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ROMNEY. Period.

BOSMAN said...

..... von Mises, Hayek....WHO????

Lionhead said...

Bosman, you're too funny! I guess you need some education also. ;)

Be that as it may, just another reason here not to vote for Romney. They do keep piling up, day by day. Keep it up RINO's as your day in the Sun is fading already. The fate of the Whig Party awaits you when you do things like this.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, you are so delusional. You and all the Paulbots. Paul is not going to be the nominee. Paul will not win the election. And by pushing him, you could ensure Obama is going to win. Even Paul said that Mitt would be a better president than Obama. Pull your head out of your own asses please.