Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mitt Romney at the Wolfeboro Independence Day Parade in NH (VIDEOS 07-04-12)

The Romney family vacation hit a peak today as several of its members paraded down Main Street here in the picturesque New England town, where residents flocked to catch a glimpse of the presumptive GOP nominee. Some had set up chairs at dawn to get a good seat along the route.

Romney, accompanied by his wife, Ann, their five sons and more than a handful of their grandchildren, marched through the Wolfeboro town center, greeting supporters with handshakes and an occasional sweaty hug. Romney has been here since Saturday enjoying a weeklong vacation. Today marked his first public event.
“Happy Fourth of July!” Romney wished supporters as he criss-crossed the street, his Secret Service agents in tow, to shake as many hands as possible. “Happy Birthday, America!”

When one supporter yelled, “Save our spirit,” Romney responded with an emphatic “You bet!”
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