Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mitt Romney addresses Colorado massacre from NH (Full Video 07-20-12)

Mitt Romney put aside his campaign event in Bow, New Hampshire to comment on last nights shootings in Aurora, Colorado:

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newark hawk said...

Very presidential. Good job, Mitt.

TimShawSr said...

I so appreciated the way Gov Romney spoke from his heart today, speaking freely about God being the ultimate source of comfort and healing. I loved his frequent references to New Testement passages, especially Jesus' yoke being lite. His quote from Paul was perfect. His statement that the greatness of the people of America lies in it's power of collective prayer and mutual support was so true. At no time have I heard him speak more for me, and represent the God believing people of this country with more digrnity.

Anonymous said...

After viewing Romney's and Obama's responses to this evil tradgedy I was struck with the reverential tone of Romney's remarks but even moreso of reverential response of the audience. Missing were the interruptions of whoops, cheers and applause. His audience understood the value of reverence and solemnity on a solemn occasion.

Tony said...

Only thing I can add to that very comforting speech is AMEN.
May God Bless Us all here in the United States and may his hand be played this coming presidential election.
Mitt Romney in my opinion just gave one of his most comforting speech's I have ever heard .