Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mitt & Ann Romney interview with MBC's Matt Lauer (full interview 07-27-12)

Mitt Rommey sought Friday to tamp down the controversy stemming from the concerns he'd raised about London's readiness to host the Olympic games, saying he was "absolutely convinced" the city was ready for the games, which open tonight.

"I'm absolutely convinced the people here are ready for the games," Romney told NBC's Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview.

Romney has been lambasted in the British press for two days after telling NBC's Brian Williams on Wednesday that there were"disconcerting" factors in the lead up to the games, which prompted a minor uproar that culminated last night at a rally in Hyde Park, where Romney was called out by London's mayor Boris Johnson.
The full story is HERE.

The interview is below:

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