Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Liberal Wakes Up

In my district, we have a Congressman, John Yarmuth, who stated he has not heard from a single person who does not like ObamaCare. Nevermind that I know my wife and I have called and written letters to his office various times about our dissent. I'm sure others of you in various communities around the nation have similar experiences with your liberal or Democrat representatives.

Nevertheless, when a liberal truly researches the situation, their eyes are truly opened. Cue Max, a true-blue union member, with a Cadillac health plan, Obama can do no wrong and ObamaCare is the greatest government program since women suffrage. He's a fellow who is a regular caller to our local radio political talk show on 84 WHAS. Mandy Connell has a lot of fun with him and his awakening.

Listen to the call and the reaction. Fortunately, the call is at the beginning of this clip, lasts about 5 minutes, and the reaction fills out the last 25 minutes.

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Noelle said...

Oh. My. Word. This is rich. This conversation needs to be played within the walls of Congress.

Welcome to the real world, Max.

Anonymous said...

This is quite a Good Catch! My God, when the thuggery hits home, the revival begins. I'd like to add some comments by Martin Armstrong on the 3.8% 'surtax' on investment income. It sounds like such a little thing, but is it? Once the camel's nose is under the tent....

""Investors have to rethink about the 3.8 percentage-point surtax on investment income that is integral to President Obama’s health-care overhaul. The Internal Revenue Service hasn’t yet released guidance on the new tax. But in essence, this tax will apply to all investment and that will now include the sale of your home.

So when the court affirmed Obamacare, investors had better start rethinking whether or not any short-term investment will make sense in America anymore. The new tax will affect the net investment income of most joint filers with adjusted gross income of more than $250,000 ($200,000 for single filers). Starting on January 1st, 2013, the tax rates on long-term capital gains and dividends for these earners will jump from their current historic low of 15% to 18.8%, assuming Congress even extends the current law. If the Bush tax-cuts die on December 31st with the lame-duck Congress after the elections, you better figure on 23.8% and the top rate on dividends will nearly triple, to 43.4%. Add Obamacare, and we are looking at an economic DEFLATION insofar as the people are concerned regarding income, while prices will still rise producing STAGFLATION. They may be covering the banks, but not the real people. With this level of uncertainty in the tax code, you WILL NEVER see economic expansion. People simply will not hire or expand business when the future is so uncertain. If you are selling long-term investments, you better go on with NOW. If you do not, your tax bill could go to over 45% come January 1stcompared to 15% now. This will contribute to the seasonal sell-fest after Labor Day.

Employers are going to see a massive increase in taxation under these scenarios. This should help to keep unemployment firm over the long-term. Obamacare will become a major issue as politicians start to figure out just what they hell they have done. Democrats have to stop this Marxist view that just raise taxes and the “rich” will be able to pay whatever they demand. That is a nice view, but what about the small business owners who employ 70% of the civil work force and cannot afford what is going on?""

For a visualization of the effects of cutting the 90% tax rate in the Kennedy era to US Business cycles click the link. You will be amazed; it DOUBLED the rate of GROWTH.

BOSMAN said...

hahahaha...This former liberal was so upset, that I hope he had an extra pair of depends handy.

kelly said...

What a great interview.