Wednesday, July 11, 2012

John Sununu takes Andrea Mitchell to School (Full Interview 07-10-12)

John Sununu is BRILLIANT!

If Romney wants a spokesperson....front man....What a great choice Sununu would be.

I've NEVER seen him lose a debate and could listen to him all day.

Here he is making Andrea Mitchell look like an ABSOLUTE FOOL, as she tries to defend President Obama....PRICELESS!

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Graham said...

This man is a professor, and school is constantly in session.

Andrea Mitchell? Schooled.

Anonymous said...

One detail Obama fails to mention:

Even if Romney invested overseas... it was HIS money.

Obama's investments, which ended up overseas are OUR money!


newark hawk said...

I agree, Bosman. Sununu is far & away Romney's best surrogate. He doesn't take crap from anyone.

Right before the Iowa caucus, he ripped FOX'S Judge Napolitano a new one after Napolitano kept calling Romney "a liberal".

Napolitano was so rattled by Sununu's beatdown that he falsely accused Sununu of throwing "a temper tantrum" and abruptly ended the interview.

Catch it on YOUTUBE if you can. It's must-see TV.

MrX said...

WOW!!! This is AMAZING! I liked the part where he mentioned Romney outsourcing ZERO jobs. I think her jaw dropped.