Sunday, July 1, 2012

Obama, Hispanics, and Health Care

I recently saw a button that has President Obama trying to get the Hispanic voter. The thing I find very interesting about this button is that the only Spanish words on the button are Estamos Unidos. Everything else on the button is in English. It referenced a website, Out of morbid curiosity, I checked it out. Sure enough, the entire page is in English. So much for trying to pull the Hispanic, Spanish speaking community.

While I was there, I noticed Barack Obama's 5 major benefits of ObamaCare. At least, I can only assume they are the 5 major benefits since they are highlighted on the page. Here they are with my refutations of each point. (As amateur as my refutations may be, I welcome any others to debate in the comments section.)

  1. Young Americans ages 18 through 26 can now stay on their parents’ insurance plans.
    Umm, yeah. I'm sure the parents that have already raised you for 18 years are just THAT excited to have you still living in their basement and being a total dependent. YOU'RE 20 FLIPPING YEARS OLD!!! Go get a life and do something. No one ever succeeded by being dependent.
  2. Insurance companies now offer many preventive services for free, including flu shots, checkups, cancer screenings, and cholesterol checks.
    Okay, so who is going to PAY for these FREE services? Are the doctors going to be conscripted into slavery (i.e. spend the time and pay for the resources themselves)? Is the government going to pay the doctors? I can only assume it will be the government. But where does government get its money? That's right, you. If you have a job and pay taxes, you are paying for that "free" service.
  3. Insurance companies will no longer be able to charge a woman more than a man for the same coverage.
    This is debatable whether or not it is a good thing. Do women have more health issues than a man? Are the "same coverages" referenced truly the same, or are there specific gender differences. I mean seriously, the plumbing is different enough that men and women definitely have different health issues. Men have more expensive car insurance because, on average, we're more reckless.
  4. The Medicare doughnut hole is closing, saving the seniors who fell into this coverage gap an average of $600 each on their prescriptions last year.
    Hmm, I surprised he brings up Medicare. After all, he raided Medicare to pay for ObamaCare in the first place. Their prescription costs may go down, but benefits costs will go up. Quality of service will also go down.
  5. By 2014, no one can be denied insurance due to a pre-existing condition.
    I saw a poll out of CA that addressed this topic. 78% of respondents thought this is a good idea. I have mixed feelings. It is unfair for a person to be denied coverage if they've been playing by the rules, but had a lapse of coverage where they found they had an issue. However, I don't think it is fair for insurance companies to be forced to cover a person that willfully avoided coverage until they had a problem. I can't get car insurance after I've crashed the car.


Graham said...

"Estamos Unidos" means "we are united."

Lionhead said...

Hi Machtyn, you left out two crucial points:

"The provisions of the PPACA [obamacare] discussed at length in this brief represent an enormous and unprecedented attempt to expand federal power over American citizens. If these provisions are upheld as constitutional, the federal government’s authority to regulate citizen activity (or non-activity) under the Commerce Clause and its authority to levy taxes will be limitless." Landmark Legal Foundation


"Some commentators suggest the penalty provision can be avoided by purchasing health insurance. Brian Galle, The Taxing Power, the Affordable Care Act, and the Limits of Constitutional Compromise, 120 Yale L.J. Online 407 (April 5, 2011). In either scenario, purchasing health insurance or paying the penalty for not purchasing health insurance, an exaction has occurred as a result of government coercion." [aka FRAUD]

Lionhead said...

Hi Machtyn, sorry I forgot to include the citation for my second quote. Here ya go. ;)

BTW, "government coercion" is fraud. You see, both obamacare & romneycare cannot get around this fact. In case you don't know what fraud is, here are some definitions for you:

1) Any act of deception carried out for the purpose of unfair, undeserved and/or unlawful gain.

2) The assumption of a false identity to such deceptive end.

3) A person who performs any such trick.

So, who's zoomin' who here?

Machtyn said...

There, cleaned up the post. I apologize to those that saw an the little mistakes.

Lionhead: As far as the difference between RomneyCare and ObamaCare is that the Massachusetts plan is for MA. It is what the people asked for and what they got. The 85% liberal legislature wanted to raise taxes, force everyone on to the single payer plan, and essentially bankrupt their state (which was already going bankrupt).

Romney didn't get his preferred choice out the deal either. His preferred choice was something far more conservative and far more workable. What they got was a good, working compromise for the Commonwealth of MA. And it was constitutional under States Rights and as dictated by MA own constitution. Would it work for other states? Maybe yes, maybe no. It wouldn't work for KY.

ObamaCare was forced upon the people. Most people did not want this solution. And this solution does not work for many states and does not work for the nation. As Justice Scalia wrote, it is unconstitutional at all levels.

I can forgive Romney for the mistakes of RomneyCare, because he acted within the law and with desires and wishes and acceptance of the people he served. ObamaCare does none of that.

Lionhead said...

Machtyn, it's good you can forgive Romney. I will await his acts in explaining what he did, why & how he would replace obamacare. From that observation, everyone can determine thumbs up or thumbs down.

Anonymous said...

Mitt has already done that, but you refuse to listen due to your deeply held bias. Maybe it's time to let that go.

Nikki said...

I will strongly accept the ObamaCare...

Medicare Wyoming