Sunday, July 22, 2012

Could Mitt Romney's visit to Poland help him in swing states?

Mitt Romney will be visiting England, Isreal, and Poland this month where he could garner international support for his Presidential bid.
....In Poland, Romney will visit a deeply Roman Catholic country that for years has favored Republicans over Democrats. The visit, campaign officials said, comes at the invitation of Lech Walesa, the Polish labor leader who co-founded the Solidarity movement and served as Poland's president during the country's transition out of communism. Romney will meet with Walesa in the Solidarity birthplace, Gdansk, and also hold meetings in Warsaw.
In Poland, Romney will have an opportunity to criticize Obama's so-called political "reset" with Russia after U.S.-Russian ties deteriorated badly under President George W. Bush, as well as the Obama administration's decision not to build a missile defense base in Poland.

Romney has referred to Russia as America's "No. 1 geopolitical foe."
He'll likely receive a warm welcome. Poles have never showed the enthusiasm for Obama that Germans and other Western Europeans did, and his popularity there has declined further during his years in office. But for Romney, the critical audience for his Poland trip is likely the many U.S. citizens with Polish ancestry who live in critical swing states across the American Midwest.

Read the full story HERE.

I did some checking around for Polish American population numbers in the U.S.

Here are some of the swing states with the highest Polish ancestry. Broken down by Per-centage of state population:

Wisconsin 9.65%
Michigan 9.59%
Illinois 8.13%%
Pennsylvania 7.26%
Ohio 4.28%

If this is a close race in these swing states, This could be a very good move on Romney's part. Another prize would be if Romney manages to get Lech Walesa's endorsement. This would hold a lot of weight in the Polish comunities. Walesa snubed President Obama during his visit to Poland.

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Anonymous said...

Walesa's comments were awesome:
"It's difficult to tell journalists what you'd like to say to the president of a superpower. This time I won't tell him, I won't meet him, it doesn't suit me."

Also, from the snubbed article: Mr Walesa insisted that he preferred to travel to Italy for a biblical festival, and that he had no interest in a meeting that would amount to little more than a photo-op.


Anonymous said...

The Poles are extremely Patriotic as well. Those I know can't stand what's happening to this country.

Anonymous said...

The Poles are people who really know about freedom and fighting for it. The percentage of people with Polish ancestry in swing states is greater than the percentage of Mormons in most places in the US. Maybe we could get the press to talk about the Poles winning it for Romney and stop talking about Mormons and their money. What a great idea!


Anonymous said...

Poles for rommney? Ha. No Pole is dumb enough to vote for that dupiash. Real Poles are hard workers who beleve that collective bargaining is the best way to get their fair share.