Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chris Matthews: The Thrill is Gone

H/t Herman Talmadge III

NO!....NO!....Say it ain't so!

Not Chris Matthews:

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Anonymous said...

Right now, this is the most compelling video on the site, Matthews has said volumes of information in 1:36 seconds. I hope some of you have seen the video he did with Newt. You'd begin to see why he's so frustrated. Well, for that matter, aren't we all?

So, why are there are no comments on why Matthews is beginning to switch sides. Amazing! Don't underestimate Matthews, he's not as dumb as he sounds at times, like in this clip.

Anonymous said...

Devastating video.....

Romney needs to run this everyday until November 6th.

Matthews always speaks the truth when he is frustrated.


Massachusetts Conservative said...

This is the most compelling case against an Obama second term I have heard yet. And it's coming from Chris Matthews. If Romney can make this exact case, he will win in a landslide.

Anonymous said...

Mathews abandoned Clinton and basically embrased Bush too. He knows the polls are skewed 8% against romney and that Mitt going to win by 54 - 46. Mathews can see what's coming. he's a jerk after it happens, but he knows what's coming. And he can't not let you know what;s coming because he's proud of that ability above all else.

Anonymous said...

Didn't expect him to be one of the first to jump ship, but it works. It will be interesting to see how many others will jump with him. He sees the writing on the wall for sure.