Saturday, July 7, 2012

Are these the Women Mitt Romney is Considering for VP?

H/T Boston Herald

The following was scanned from a hard copy of the Boston Herald. They have a habit of not putting their graphics on-line with their articles.

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Stephen Monteith said...

I don't think Governor Fallin should be chosen. The scandal surrounding her marriage would make her an even larger target than Governor Palin, hypocrisy notwithstanding. As for Governors Haley and Martinez, it would be a little too obvious that they're inexperienced, especially once they're on the national stage. Once they reach the morning shows, they need to be ready. Haley might be able to pull it off, but will she have the full support of her state party? She hasn't in the past, and that could be devastating with independents; again, Palin taught us that.

Senator Ayotte isn't "too much New Hampshire", by the way; I think she's just the right amount of NH. She can show people that the GOP is not a regional party, that conservatives can come from the North, and that New England can support a Republican president. She may not have too much experience on the national stage, but as a former state Attorney General, I'm sure she knows how to make an argument and stay cool under pressure. Plus, she's already shown that she's willing to follow Romney's lead.

Machtyn said...

All are really good choices... that won't be chosen.

Condi Rice: Has stated she has never run for office, will never run for office, no thank you, not interested.

What I would consider the front runners on the list, Ayotte, Haley, both have been in office since... January 2010. They haven't even had 2 years in their current position. They are rising stars, emphasis on rising. (Which is why Rubio isn't going to get the nod.)

It'll either be Christie, Jindal, or Pawlenty. And I am fine with any of those.

BOSMAN said...

If there is a dark horse here, I believe it's Martinez who is probably the only serious consideration on this list.

Rice will be in the Cabinet.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

LOL. Condi has no cons?

She's "effectively pro-choice" and she was at the center of the Bush Administration. Either of those two things is a disqualifier. Both of them combined disqualifies anyone pitching her from being taken seriously.

kelly said...

Where is Sarah Palin?

Only kidding.